Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


22. Weird Moments

*5 mintues later*


I stepped out of my room and was about to go down the stairs when I heard, "Where are you going?"

I turned around; not saying a word.

"Yea I'm talking to you. Where are you going?"

"H-Hi Lou. I'm--"

"Don't call me that. Only my friends call me Lou"

"Sorry. Louis, um-Liam is taking me out. So we can get some fresh air"

He looked at me then went to the bathroom. 


'Only my friends call me Lou', is it that bad he doesn't remember me? To the point where I have to call him Louis? To the point where I'm not considered his 'friend'? Whatever happened to our friendship? 


"Samantha are you ready?" Liam called out.

"Y-yea I'm comming" I said coming down the stairs.


"Ok let's go" Liam smiled.

"Bye Niall" I waved.


Liam said his bye and walked me out of the house. As soon as the door swung opened the cool air smacked my face. 


Liam locked the door and took my hand. He didn't lock his fingers with mine, but he grabbed my wrist while he led me to his car. The ride was pretty quiet but as soon as we got to the first red light we spoke.


"So you like London so far?" asked Liam.

I looked out the window before answering, "Well that I've seen of it yes"


I looked back at the window. 


"How do you do it?" Liam asked. I turned to face him confused,

"How do I do what..?" I asked.

"Like don't you ever want to scream when you see us or..?"


"Yes I do. That's why sometimes I keep to myself. Tp avoid embarrassing myself. I don't know, I guess I just remember you the way I do." I explained. 


He nodded and smiled as he took a left. We began to discuss what movie we were going to watch. After looking on his phone for movie times and movie titles, we decided to watch "Now You See Me".


After Liam parked in a parking spot, I began to unbunkle my seatbelt. Liam turned off the car and said, "Don't open the door. Let me open it for you" 


"Why? I can open it myself- you don't have to" I smiled.

"I know you can, but then I wouldn't be a gentleman" Liam smirked. I noded as he got out of the car to come over to my side. He opned the car door for me as he said he would.


"You're such a gentleman Mr.Payne" I joked. 

"Ok ok, come on let go inside" he said in between laughs.


Again, he took my hand, just like before.


"Hello can I-oh my god" the ticket lady said.

Liam laughed while I just stood there.

"C-can I have a picture with you both? Please please it would mean so much" she said in a shaky voice-about to cry.


"Sure" Liam said. As the lady got out of the booth to come and take the picure I asked Liam why would she want a picture with me.


Liam whispered into my ear, "Well your sort of famous now, ever since you won. So many people will want a photo with you." he said as he still held onto my hand. 


When the lady came out, she was a teenager. She was kind of short, curly hair in a ponytail and had braces. She quickly grabbed out her iPhone-[what the heck? Everybody has one]-and took a picture of only me and Liam. Then she took one only woth Liam, then one with me, and then like 5 pictures with all 3 of us.


"T-thank you so much Samantha and Liam!"-I guess I am *famous* for her to my name.


"Your welcome sweetheart" Liam said.


"Aand c-can I have a h-hug? P-please?" She asked. Liam smiled and gave her a friendly hug, but he still held onto my hand.


"She's pretty Li" I heard her whisper to Liam. Soon after she finshed hugging him, she hugged me,"Don't hurt him like Danielle did". 



"Uh-what?" I said aloud.

"I really must be going to back into my ticket booth" she said before going back Into her little room area.


"Can we have 2 tickets for Now You See Me please?" Liam asked.

"Cource! I love that movie" she said grabbing the tickets.

"You've seen it?" Liam asked as he slid the money down the little hole of the glass booth.


"No." She admitted. Well, then. He smiled, said bye and we entered the movie theater.


The movie was really great. There were many times when Liam had gotten confused so I had to whisper to him what was going on. There were some weird moments going on it the theater; but not on the big screen, they happened to be between me and Liam.


During the whole movie Liam didn't let go of my hand; literally I felt as if our hands were glued to each other. Another weird thing for me that happened was at one point I had became completely cold, and instead of Liam letting me used his sweater, he cuddle with me. It felt really awkward for me, I mean, well I know him but it just felt...weird; not normal. Don't get me wrong, Liam is a really great guy but he can be a little clingy; but then again, he did just got out of an relationship so I didn't want him to feel bad. My point is, I felt a bit uncomfortable at times.


"So how was the movie for you Samantha?" Liam asked.

"It was good" I said. I moved my hands away from Liam to scratch my eyes; I tried to get across that I didn't want to hold his hand anymore.


"Good." Liam said; grabbing my hand again, I quietly sighed in reaction. 

"So where to know?" I asked.

"We better get going on home, it's getting pretty late" Liam suggested.

"Liam, it's only 5. Can't we play in the arcade for a bit?" I asked.


"I would like to, but more people will be arrivig, which most likely means there will be fans. And with fans means being mobbed and right now, we have no security guards" he explained. 


"Ok then" I sighed.

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