Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


15. The Fans

Samantha's POV


I can't believe I almost fell for that! I quickly ran to my new room. I felt like crying, but I did, but no tears. I almost fell for that trick. It's that trick that guys do for you to fall for them; they talk to you at your weakest point, say something sad, look in your eyes and then BAM you fall for them. I couldn't get hurt again, I couldn't. And then the way how he almost promised me, I don't like promises! I hate them! They are always broken! No matter who it's from, they always are.


I get how Liam was trying to be nice; I guess I really not mad with him. Ithink i was just really upset of how he was gonna figure who i really am, i mean i want him too; just not in that way, not when he looked like he was about to cry. I guess I'm just mad at myself for ALMOST falling for that trick. Then again, I thought to myself...was he really doing the a trick? I mean, when I first met Liam, Harry had hurt himself, and I spent some time with Liam after, but not as much; due to the fact of me transferring and losing contact. Personally, I really didn't know what to think or feel, I just...well...I guess had a 'small explosion'.





"wake her up"

"No you do it" I heard voices whispering. My eyes were still shut from sleeping, I was still sleepy.


"Samantha" a voice said, shaking me to awaken. 

"Wh-att?" I stretched out, placing my face onto the pillow.

"Wake up, interview" the voice answered. I sat up, scratched my eyes and found two boys at the side of my bed; Niall and Liam. They explained that we were all going to an interview on some morning show, that the interviewers and everybody else wanted to see me; know who I am. I nodded and gestured my hand signaling them to leave the room.


I changed into a fall-look type style since fall was already coming, and of cource my glove. I also wore some makeup; the bruise was still there, but slowly fading. After getting dressed, I went downstairs to meet up with he boys.


"Yea" I said as we went into there car. It was not really a quiet ride; it was actually a lot of talking going on.


"Ok, so don't curse, I learned that the hard way" Niall said.

"And don't say anything too personal"

"Well that's what the whole of an interview isn't it?" I debated with Louis.


"No, like where you lived and stuff"

"Well duh, I don't what no psychos following me" I joked.

"Oh and just be yourself" Zayn smiled.

It felt weird; they talked to me first. I hope Liam didn't say anything about the little conversation we had last night.



*~At the Interview



"Hello its very nice to meet you guys; its a honor" a lady greeted to the guys.

"And you must be the wonderful Samantha? " the lady said shaking my hand.

"Yes" I smiled.

After she continued to talk to us about there morning show, it finally stared.


"3, 2, 1" the director showed with his fingers.

"Hello my name is Anna from ShowBiz and I'm here with the members of One Direction and with there new friend" the lady smiled.

"Hello" we said simoustanly.


"How have you guys been? With comjng back home and having this contest?" The lady asked. Wow, 'this contest', nice way to be introduced. 


"Absolutely lovely"Harry answered. 

"Wonderful, and your name is Samantha correct?" She said looking at me.


"Yes" I answered. 

"So tell me how it is, how is it living with the biggest boyband in the world?" She smiled.


"It's like living with friends." I said, which was sort of true if you understood. 


"Are there any ups or downs?" She asked. I thought for a moment.

"Yes actually, sometimes I feel a bit homesick but then I remember that I've only been there for 5 or 4 days" I laughed.


"Funny and pretty" she complimented. 

"Tell us about the real you. Where did you come from? " she asked.

"America. I was born there then I moved to England, and now I'm here in London" I explained.


"How do you like London?" She said, looking at her little notepad.

"It's beautiful" I answered

"How old are you?"

"I'm 19"

"When is your birthday? "

"October 22nd"

"So in a few more weeks?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am" I laughed. 


After a few more questions anout me, she finally and spoken to the boys.

She just talked to them about any ideas behind the contest, and how it was for me living with them; mostly contest questions. 


"Well that's it, I hope you have a wondeful time here Samantha. This is from Showbiz back to your Ken" she said with a fake smile. As soon as she finshed speaking those words, she ignored everybody around her. Rude ass..I mean..well, no I ment that.


"So what did you think?" Niall asked, opening the door for the rest of us.

"Want the fake answer or the real one?" I asked.

"What's the fake one?" Liam asked.

"The lady was very nice" I said with a ment-to-be-fake-smile.

He laughed. 


"And the real one?" Niall asked.

"The lady was a complete a-s-s" I spelled out. He started laughing. 

"I'm not kidding! I mean she was all nice then she was in complete ignorance of us" I smiled.


Niall nodded as he continued to laugh.

"Hey can we talkfor a moment?" Harry asked me.

I glanced over to Niall then back to Harry.

"Um, yea I guess" I said. Harry pulled to the side then looked straight into my eyes.

"Do you, like, I mean are you, like," Harry began.

"Like what?" I sad.

"dating Niall?" He asked. I remebered that me and Niall were "dating".

"Hey Sam, come here" Niall said, allowing me to dodge Harry's question.


"Yea Niall?" I said, leaving Harry alone.

"Look at this" he said handing over his phone. He was on the mobile version of Twitter. He had tweeted "going to a interview with winner" and there were tons of thousands of replies. Some where questioning who I was, my twitter account, hate, begging follows and other in which asked for Niall.


"They like you, the fans" Niall said, taking his phone from my hands.

"Wow" I said; I was speechless.

"You ok?" He joked.

I slowly nodded. 

"Shocked? "

I nodded again.

"Gonna faint?"

I slowly shook my head no; gazing at the floor, as if I was zoning out.

"Hello? Earth to Sam?" He said moving his hands infront of my face.

"Yea, I'm fine" I smiled. 

"C-can I see the phone again?" I asked. Niall lightly laughed and handed over his phone.


I scrolled down as I read tweets like;

"She was pretty"

"Omg! Me and Samantha hav the same b-day!!"

"She lucky"

"Please follow me Niall! I love you!"

"The outfit she wore is cute!"

"She's from America? "

"She's so gorgeous "

"Lol she seemed nervous :P"

"Why her? Why not me???"

"Why doesn't she have a British accent?"

"I love you Niall!"


And so on..

I really didn't care about the handful of hate or rude comments; I really cared about how nice thy were, the fans. As if family, the fans, they were nice to me; the best feeling I had in a while. I felt as a smile grew onto my face as I continued to scroll. Every now and then I had seen a mean comment, but I didn't really mind. I became, speechless; blown away. I never knew how people could be so nice; I missed that. I mean yea, people have been nice to me before in the past, but I guess I lost how being treated nice felt. When I had read those tweets, I found that feeling again...



Quote to keep in mind...

"Small acts of kindness make big changes"

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