Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


8. The Driver's "Granddaughter"

I hear the annoying alarm go off quickly as it played a never seeming to end beat. I smashed my hand onto the arlam clock, 7:30 in the morning. As I removed the blanket I felt the cold air from the ac hit my upper body. I quickly covered my self with it again. I knew I had to get up but I didn't felt like it. Sort of reminded me of school on Mondays. I closed my eyes as I sat up. I slowly removed the cover off of my body, eyes still closed. I dragged my self towards my bathroom. Man it feels like I'm going to school.


I took a quick shower to wake up. As I felt the warm water hit my back, I heard somebody yawn. I finshed taking the shower and wrapped myself with the towel. I peaked out from behind the bathroom door. Gabby was still asleep, and the door was closed. I quickly ran over to my drawer that held some of my old clothes that I would be taking. I grabbed whatever it was and ran back into the bathroom. Realizing what I grabbed, I put the oversized shirt and jeans on. I then wrapped my hair with the towel.


"Morning..." Gabby yawned, sitting up. I smiled as I looked for long sleeved shirt to put on.

"Hey, can you do me a favor?" I asked, walking over to Gabby.

"What is it?" She asked

"Do we have any long sleeve shirts? I have some, but I want to save them and keep them in my suitcase" I explained. 


"I'll ask mom." She said, about to leave the room.

"No, its too early for her, just sneak in there" I said.

"Yea yea..." she replied, leaving the room.

As I waited, I made my hair dry. I didn't have a blowdryer so I had to use my towel.


"Here" Gabby said, throwing me the shirt"


"I'm going back to sleep" gabby said, pulling back the covers over her.


After a few mintues I was ready, I dried my hair, had clothes on and makeup to cover the bruise. It was going away, slowly. I felt like I forgot something....what was it? I scratched my wrist as it became itchy, oh right! My glove! I quickly grabbed it from the table lamp beside my bed. There, now I'm ready. I grabbed my suitcases and walked quietly downstairs. As I was leaving my room, Gabby's phone rang. I dropped my suitcase and ran quickly towards it.


"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello Ms.Senners, the timo is outside waiting for your arrival" a voice answered. 

"Ok" I answered, hanging up. The voice seemed to be unfamiliar, well of cource it would be. It was a british accent, well everybody one around here did. I felt different with my boring american accent. I quickly dumped the phone onto the bed and grabbed my suitcases. But somebody was blocking me.


"Excuse me I said.

"where are you going? " Kevin asked.

"I'm going to a university, doing something with my life" I lied-mumbled.

"Where did you get the money? " he asked, standing in front of me.

"It's called work. Maybe if you'd work you'll know abo--" he cut me off.

"Leave this house you little cunt. We don't need you here" he said.

"I don't need you" I said, quickly grabbing me suitcase and going out the door before he could respond.


I felt the cold air hit my face as I stood at the porch. Fall, was coming. I loved that season. I really am excited for the winter, I want to see what snow looks like, in real life. 


"Ms.Senners? " the driver asked, taking me off my thoughts. I stared at the limo. It looked kind of like the one me and Harry went on to the winter dance a couple years ago. I smiled at the man as he placed my suitcases in the trunk. As he politely opened the door for me I gave thanks to him. He was so kind, it felt nice. He looked kind of old, bolding, short and a little on the chubby side. 


"You must be really important for Simon to tell me to pick you up." He said, braking the silence. 

"Well-I don't know about that.." I said, with my hand covering my mouth. "Oh wait..your that young lady who one that contest right?"

"Y-yea. How did you know that?"

"My grand-daughter told me, she wanted to apply but she's too young"

"How old is she?" I asked.


"Oh" I said.

"Hey do you mind if I take a picture with you for my daughter after i drop you off?"

I was shocked. 

"W-why would she want a picture of me?"

"Your popular. Well what she told me. Something about Tytar?"

"Tytar? You mean Twitter? " I asked.

"Yes, that's the one." He answered. I sat there puzzled. Twitter? Why would she want a picture with me? How am I popular? 


"So-may I? After the drive of cource" he asked, again.

"Uh-sure. I guess that's fine" I smiled weakly.

"Thank you, she would like that." He said, before turning on the radio. 

"It should be a while until we arrive so just enjoy the ride and the music too darling" the old man driver said. I smiled and stared out the window.


The song 'Titanium' came on, it's one my favorite. In some past situations, it help me get through, the song. It really build confidence, well for a temporary time, well to me it does. I start to hum it was I'm looking out the window. It was absolutely beautiful. I saw young and old couples walking in some of the parks that we passed. I stared as I saw little children stare at the limo I was in. I politely smile behind the window glass. The humming, soon later turned into singing.


"I'm bulletproof nothing to lose. Fire away fire away" I sing.

"Wow!" The old man startles me as we stop and a red light.

"You sing wonderfully" he compliments. 

"Uh-thank you" I say, covering my mouth. 

"Sorry for listening if I scared you or something, but we are about to arrive in under 5 mintues" he said, before putting back on the radio.

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