Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


31. Just Friends

Harry's POV

I want to get to know her better but I just don't know how. Like, I can ask her on a date, just me and her but she's with Niall. Well, it kind if doesn't really matter if she's dating him or not. It could just be two friends hanging out. Are we friends? I'm tired of asking myself these questions, I want to find out. I'm not being creepy, I just want to get to know her better. I've been saying that a lot lately because its true. I just want to get to know her better. I don't want to get any closer than that. Just friends.


" Samantha?" I ask.


I'm nervous.


"Yea Harry?" she says with a smile on her face.

"Do you want to get out of here. You know like hang out or something?"

She pauses for a moment before speaking, "sure, I will ask the boys if they wanna-"

"No," she looks offended, " I mean I was wondering if it could just be us two." I correct myself. I cure myself in my head. Why the fuck did I just say it like that? She'll never want to go now. What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Sure" her face lights up. She smiles pretty. Her dimples show. I notice one dimple is deeper than the other. Her hair falls in her face as we continue to stare at each other. Am I still staring? Oh god. I quickly look away and I can see her smile fall a she turns around to face the turned off tv.


"So um.... when and here?" she asks, not looking at me.

I didn't think that far ahead. This is always my problem, I don't think what would happen next; just going along with the flow. But I can't do this, this time. It has to be her choice, its all about the ladies; like when you ask a girl out it is supposed to be about her.

"Its a surprise" I procastrinate. I don't know what to tell her.


"Oh..." she says, still facing the tv.

"How about tomorrow afternoon?"

"That's fine. Besides its not like I'm far away. Just a few doors away." she jokes.

"Ok. So tomorrow?" I ask again, just to make sure again.

"Tomorrow" she conferms as she turns around to show her smile again.



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