Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


2. I gotta get out...

I woke like every other morning, wake up, eat then go back to my room. No school? Well I graduated a couple of months ago, and I'm supposed to be on my way to a university, or at least a college, but my family can't afford to allow me to attend one. I'm 19 and I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life. I had a few jobs here and there in the past, now I work at Forever 21. Funny, everytime i go to work, I still remember when Zoe and Jasmine took me to buy my winter dress. I miss that...


I woke up today and ate some toast, I wasn't that hungry. I looked around for my mom, she wasn't there, she probably went to work. I guessed that the only people home were me, Gabby, and my new step dad. I hated him. Anyways, after eating, I went up to my bedroom. My mom is still mad at me for fighting, there is not a moment that I don't think about it. The onky way for me to get my mind off of anything, is my music. Today, I was feeling kinda blue, I don't have reason anymore, I just gave up. I put on "They Don't Know about us" by one direction. I love them, and I would do anything to meet them, not just because their famous, but because I miss the bond I had with them.


After awhile, I got tired of listening to music so I turned on the little tv that I have in my room. I flipped through what seemed to be every channel. As I was going through channel by channel, I heard the words "Our guest Stars, One Direction!!" I immediately I stopped pressing buttons. I turned up the volume just a bit so I could listen to it.


"So boys, it's been the most amazing four , or soon to be four, years since you all have been a band. Tell me, what does it feel like? " the interviewer asked


"It's been absolutely wonderful" Louis answered. 


"Simon, From countless tours, to perfume, is there anything else for One Direction?"


"This is has been going on for awhile but, the boys and I had been talking for a long time now, and we have some exciting news! We had all agreed that we will be hosting a contest. Each and every directioner or fan, will have the opportunity to make a video, send it to us, and one lucky girl will have the chance to live with the boys for a full 6 months. All entries have to be at least 18 years old, and create a 4 minute video answering some questions. And that's not all, if the boys like the girl, she may live with them, and if not, the lucky girl will go back home with 200 grand." Simon explained. 


"That is fascinating! When will this start, when will it finish? And how may the enter?" The interviewer asked.


"It started about a week ago, and ends in two days. They will record their video on Twitter and it will automatically send to us and the boys." Simon answered. 


"Well, thank you for being here today, lady's and gentlemen we will be right back with the weather right after a few announcements"


Could this really be happening? I had to enter, if I win, I can take the money and go to a good university! And not mention, but if I win, I can spend time with them, I can actually meet my old friends. If I do win, I can be happy again. I got dressed, put on my glove that covered up my cuts, and left. I walked to the nearest library that I could find, I still wasn't used to living in England so I did get a bit lost on the way there. I ended up finding the library, and used the very first computer I could find. I didn't have a Twitter account, so I had to make one. I logged onto my new account, and went straight to the video making. On the side bar, were the list of questions I had to answer. I waited for a moment, and started the video.


"Hi, I'm Samantha and this is my video. Um, I guess I'm gonna start from the first question. 'What are your hobbies?' They would have to be drawing, um and photography" I answered shyly. A couple a questions later, I finally reached the last one.


" 'any sleeping habits?' Um, people used to say I sleep talk and I don't know if I do or not...because I'm asleep...and its called sleep yea.. um, and that was the last question. Thanks so much for watching, bye" I ended the video there. I was still shaking like crazy, even after the video I was nervous. 


I went back home and as soon as I entered the house, first thing that happens, I'm yelled at.


"Where were you?" My moms new husband, Kevin, yelled.

"I was at the library" I said closing the door.

"You're lying. Don't ever lie to me" Kevin responded. 

"Why? I'm 19, and you're not my dad, I don't have to listen to you"

"Don't you ever talk back to me" he answered grabbing ahold of my shoulders. I smelled his breath, beer, he was drunk.

"Let me go" I said.

"I'm your new father, and your my new daughter, I get to do what I want" he answered as he violently shook me.

"No your not, your a fucking drunk! You will never be my dad!" I yelled.

I stepped on his foot, as he bent down I picked used my knee to hit him right in the nose. I guess it worked because he let go of me. I ran quickly to my bedroom and locked it.


"You better hide you little cunt! Don't you even tell your mother what happened when she comes back home!" Kevin said hitting the door. I leaned my back against my door so he wouldn't come in. After a few moments of him hitting the door, he finally stopped. I sunk down onto the floor, trying my best not to cry. The more I tried not to cry, the more I did cry. 'I have to get out of here' I thought to myself. I had to win that contest, I had to, if I cried this much, I wouldn't last. I had to win the contest, I had to.

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