Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


24. Hug

After a few mintues of silence, I quietly peaked out the door. Louis had his back against the door and his hands covering his face. I tried to close the door but I made a loud noise. Louis quickly stood up placed his foot between the door so I couldn't close it,


"Samantha...please? " Lou asked. I let the door open as I sat on my bed; not one word escaped my mouth. 


"You know I really didn't mean it...being mean to you and.."

"Yes you did Lou. Niall told me it was your idea. I know-or knew you, you never say anything unless you mean it. And., you ment it." I let out a big breathe that I didn't know I held. 

"But I really didn't--"

"What if I weren't who I am. What if I weren't me, what if I was someone else? Another fan? Huh? Would you let them feel like shit? Make them feel bad? Insecure? Huh? Would you?" I say, getting louder than I expected I would. 

"It's just...just in the video you looked familiar. You had looked like the old you. I didn't know if you were"


"So?," I begin to stand up and press my finger against his chest," What the hell is wrong with you?! There's probably HUNDREDS of girls who I look like!! That doesn't give you the right to-"

"I was mad ok?!" He stood up,making me move my finger away from him. Mad? Why mad?

 "For what?"

"You left me and Niall! Do you know how I felt having my one of my bestfriends leave me? Did you know how sad Niall was? Did you know how-" lou began to say.


"It wasn't my fault! Do you think I wanted to leave? Did you think its my fault to get bullied? That it was my fault for going to therapy? Huh? You think I wanted to move schools? Do you think I wanted to not see you for 3 years?" My voice began to break and slowly become quieter. Tears began to form in my eyes.

"Did you know how hard it was for me to leave you? And Niall?? I miss you both everyday! I couldn't keep in contact because of my mother!! Do you know how heart breaking it was to leave Harry? All those endless nights full of tears-wishing that I could start it all over again? All those endless nights of me wishing that I wasn't born?" I say. I wasn't lying or making it a bigger than it was;I was telling the truth. Tears started to fall but this time from the both of us.

"But no! You don't know! You've been all around the world! Without a fucking care about anything!!"

"I never came where you lived!" He yelled.


He looked at me and hugged me; tight, like super tight. He was slightly taller than me, so my face was pressed against his chest. I hugged him back; I needed to hug him, I needed..him. My bestfriend. 


"I missed you so so so so much" Louis whispered. 

"I miss the weirdos" I whispered, he lightly laughed and said,  " I think we all did"

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