Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


32. Cold Mornings

Samantha's POV_


I wake up bright and early hoping to start off the day somewhat decent. Although I had set an alarm for me to wake up, I had been awaken by the cold wind instead. I walk over towards the window and immediately shut it closed.  It is only august and it is getting colder and colder. I know London is cold but I never knew it could get this cold.


After I take my morning shower I decide to wear some black jeans and a red striped shirt along with my only pair of white toms. I will need to look for a job soon so I can save money to get some more clothes. I leave my hair up in a bun and go downstairs to watch some tv. I flipped through the channels and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the only thing on; I soon decide to turn off the tv and just lay on the couch. They are just annoying and snobby, I don't understand how Kim can get famous over a sex tape while others work hard to get to where they are.


Thoughts begin to flush through my head. What does Harry planned? I had told Niall about yesterday and told me that I should accept it just have fun. Niall told me that this is another way that I can see that everything hasn't changed in Harry. In a way, he has because when I first met him he was full of confidence but when he asked me seemed to be nervuse, scared. Do I scare him? I hope he isn't, it really isn't good idea if a guy is scared of you.


"Morning" Zayn greets me as he stands by the other end of the couch. I sit up and say morning to him as well.


"How was your sleep?" he asks.

"Good. Yours?'

"Fine" he answers, turning the tv on. This is the second time he has spoken to me since I came here.


"So do you like our house?"

"Yes, it is very nice. Different, but nice"

"How so?"

"Better looking and more space than my house back at home"

"Well this you're house now, well for next couple months" He smiles. He does a really great job at keeping a conversation going. I never knew he could be talkative. I always have been blinded of the thought that he was the mysterous one- the one who harldy talked. The one who didn't speak unless spoken to.


"We have some upcoming parties in the next month, you know in September."

"Ok that sounds fun. Hey isn't it Niall's birthday next month?" I ask.

"Isn't Liam's birthday coming up too? On the 29th?" I add on. Zayn looks at me in confustion. Did I say something wrong? Seconds later be begins to laugh.


I wait until he finishes for me to continue.

"Yeah. Sorry I just couldn't help myself"

"What did I do"

"I just thought that you wouldn't know that on the top of your head." he smiles.

I stay silence, I do not know what to say in response.

"Well you are a fan so-"

"Ahem, it is called being a Directioner" I teasingly correct him.  He laughs and I join him.



It is ten 'til five in the afternoon and I haven't seen Harry anywhere. If he was here at the house, I would've seen him at least once. He didn't tell me exactly what time we were going or even where we are going. I know that I shouldn't over think it, but I can't. If only he remembered me he would see it the way I see it. In my view, he is trying to patch up the wounds- but in reality he doesn't remember who I am. He is trying just to be my friend. I bet he doesn't even think twice about who I am. I bet he just sees me as Samantha, the girl who won a contest. That's it.


I decide to wear black jeans and a white blouse, its casual but it will do. I throw on a light sweater and my black toms. I look into my reflection and I see a girl who is nervous, a girl who wants everything to go right. That girl is me. The black in my hair is fading slowly, the brown is coming out at my roots. I'm going to need to re-dye my hair again. I apply lip balm and a bit of clear mascara so I won't look too bad. I don't it to look like a crayon raped my face nor do I want to look like a zombie walking around the streets.


I check my appearance once more before leaving the room.


"Oh hey um..I was looking for you" he fumbles his words.

I show a smile in response. Harry looks even more nervous than I do. His hands are shaking as he brushes his hair with his hands.


"Are you ready?" he says as his eyes travel down my body.

"Yeah" I smile.


When we walk out he opens the car door for me and he rushes to the drivers seat. I look out at the window and glance at him a few times. He's wearing a button up shirt with a tie and some slacks. I start to regret my outfit choice, I hope we don't go anywhere too fancy.


"You look lovely" no I don't. I look like I'm going to a park while you look like you're going to professional meeting.

"You look great too." I smile.

"Thank you" he smiles at me.


Well, it's starting ok, it isn't as awkward as I thought it would be. As he takes a turn around a corner I start remembering the time he picked me up from the park and took me to his house. I remember seeing Liam for the first time. I also remember the sad face on Louis when I left him standing there alone.


"Is everything ok?" Harry asks.

Yea, you know just thinking about the time when I stood up my one of my bestfriends to go to a guys house who doesn't even remember me.


"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just looking out the window"


I know I shouldn't hold anything against him but it hurts. We pull up to a restaurant. It has a patio with people in dresses and suits with ties. It looks like people dressed as if they were going to the Oscars. Harry looks like he belongs there with his choice of clothing. I wished I bought something nicer or had chosen something more appropriate. Not one person is wearing jeans. God I wish he told me where we would be going.


"Here we are" Harry says.

I guess he notices my sigh and they way how I looked at my clothes.

"Sorry, I should've told you where we would be going"

"It's not your fault. You said you wanted to keep it as a surprise and it is. I just chose a bad day to wear jeans." I fake laugh.

"We can go somewhere else if-"

"No Harry, it is fine. I can adapt to this" I hope I can.


He flashes his smile and we walk side by side as we get close to the door. The part of me that still likes him wants to grab him hand and hold it with my own, but the part that is hurt tells me not to. Luckily, the hurting part over rules the other and prevents me from doing I will regret.

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