Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


33. Cold Mornings pt.2

We wait in line as a bald man in a grey suit checks the other peoples reservations. This is really fancy-I never thought I would ever go to a restaurant in which involves you to take an appointment, or a reservation in this case.


I get glances from others every few seconds. I want to flick them off or tell them something but I can't. I can't be how I used to be. I can't let my anger get the best of me. I did once and it got me nowhere, well by nowhere I mean a detention  center.


"C'mon we're next" Harry nudges me with his elbow.


"Good evening, may I help you?" The bald man asks. He looks at me in a different way as he does to Harry.


"Yes, we have reservations" Harry asks.

"What is the name under?"


"One moment please," he tells Harry.

I smile at Harry as we wait for the man to look for his name.

"I'm sorry we don't have a Styles. It might be under your girlfriends' name. What is it?"

Girlfriend? He actually thinks that we are a couple? Do we look like a couple? I can't help it but to smile when he says it.

"We're not-"

"Oh, I'm sorry for thinking I just thought that you two were-"

"It's ok but I'm not her boyfriend."

"Sorry I just thought the way you looked at her that.." He pushes. I can see Harry trying not to smile.


"Do you have our reservations?" I say, trying not to make it awkward.

"Sorry but, no" he sighs.

"Thank you." Harry joins in.


With that we walk away and go back into the car.

"I'm sorry I thought they did have it but-"

"It is ok Harry. Besides it seemed to snobby, people kept looking at my clothing as if I were a little or homeless." I laugh. I watch as his head tilts back and his eyes clothes as he laughs. It's so cute-his laugh it is.


"Where would you to go then?" he says, turning the car on.

"What's close here?"

"McDonalds" he laughs.

"McDonalds it is then." I smile.


I end up getting chicken nuggets and so does he. We eat inside instead of taking it to go; only because hardly anybody is there. We only see a family or two in which were seated in two completely different areas.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry says as I take a sip from my Dr.Pepper.


"Where are you originally from? Because you don't have an English accent like we do."

"I'm from the u.s , I moved here a couple years ago."

"Why is that?- If you don't mind me asking"

"My step father had gotten a job transfer or some shi- er something like that" I say. Why did I have to say that? He laughs in which helps me from putting myself down.


"It's ok Samantha," he smiles, "I've done worst in front of millions." My kind goes straight toward the time he had the 'cat' incident on x factor.


The time we had their wasn't bad at all. We ended up having a couple laughs and  he ended up learning a bit about me.. There were times when he had to put his head down because others had double takes.


We end up leaving when a girl comes up and starts to scream Harry's name. He hugs her and takes a quick photo with the young fan. He whispers to me that we should go before others more begin to notice. He puts his arms around my waist as he guides me to the car once more. I smile when he does but it doesn't seem to have the same effect on him as it does to me.


We head straight to the house and go into our own rooms. Its was fun. Nothing was said on the way here but it was a comfortable silence. I take a shower and almost instantly go to sleep when I lay on my bed.

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