Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


28. Camera Necklace

Samantha's POV~*

I had been sitting next to Liam for the past couple hours on the couch; still watching Pixar movies. Cars 2 was about to end, and Liam's excitement had increased as he knew Toy Story 3 would be coming on next. I gradually began to suffocated of boredom. I couldn't take it.

Don't get me wrong, I love staying at home but this isn't my home; it doesn't feel like it.

"Your good samantha?" Liam asked as he noticed the unsettle shifts in my body positions.

"You know what? I'm gonna go for a walk. Get some air" I decided, standing up from the couch.

"Would you like me to come with you?" Liam asked.

"Do you really want to miss the movie?"
"No, not really"
"Then no Liam, I just want some time to myself. I'll be back soon" I laughed.

I got changed into a outfit. I haven't really worn it at home, so why not where it now right?

"See you later" I said to Liam as I walked out the door. I felt the cool breeze hit my face; I did a great decision on wearing a pullover. I placed on my sunglasses (I wore my contacts) 

To be completely honest, I had no idea where I was going. I just sorta,walked. I turned every 2 blocks changing all directions but keeping in mind where I went so I could find my way back. I noticed a little store coming nearer towards me; i chose that as my destination. I heard cars pass me by as I walked, birds chirping, the sound of the wind whistling into my ears, and the sound of laughter and conversations everywhere.

As I continued to walk towards the store I felt conversations lower, and the feeling of being followed; but then again, many people were walking also, so I didn't mind-okay maybe just a bit. When I had entered the small store I noticed that everything in it was vintage,and the store was empty.
I opened the door and heard the sound of a bell ring.

"Hello Love, welcome to Lost In Time" an old lady with a british accent greeted me.

"Hello" I greeted with a smile.

I walked over towards the wall covered in necklaces. On had caught my eye more than the rest. It was a small camera attached to a silver neck chain.

"Are you from the americas?" The old lady asked.
"What gave it away?" I smiled.
"Well darling, your accent of course" she giggled.
"Yes I am. I recently moved here not to long ago" I said, admiring the necklace.

"How long was that?" She said in a soft voice.
"About a year" 
"How do you like London?" She asked again.

I turned around and noticed her name tag. Her name was Grace.
"It's beautiful here, Grace" I smiled.
"How's you guess my name sweetie?" She asked.

"Your name tag" I laughed. She laughed in return.

"Would you like to buy that necklace?" She asked in between small giggles.

"Actually I don't have any money so I can't " I explained. I placed the camera necklace back upon the wall.
Grace had grabbed the necklace and placed it in a small box.

"Here you go. On the house" grace smiled.
"But I have no money"
"You seem like a really nice girl. Anyways darling, you'll look pretty with it" she smiled.

"Thank you" I said, pulling her into a short hug. I could tell she didn't expect it at first, but she eventually   hugged me back.

"Do you get many customers?" I asked.

"Not really. It's a small little old shop, not something the children would buy from" she said as she patted the corner of the check out counter.
I felt a bit bad for her, Grace. If I can, I would help her gain customers; but in reality I can't.

As I pulled away from the hug, the sound of bells filled the atmosphere of the small store. 

"SAMANTHA!" A crowd yelled as they entered the store. It was small group composed of about 10 or 15 teenaged boys and girls. The girls yelled in excitement as the boys tried to make their way to the front.

"Hello" I laughed at their excitement. 
The girls yelled in excitement again, so did the boys. I guess they knew me?
"Can I have a picture?" A boy asked as he came up towards me. He was a bit taller than me, and attractive. 

I nodded as he pulled out his phone. He placed his arm around my back , giving me a side hug. I can tell he was nervous by the shaking of his hand as he struggled to take the picture.

"Uh-I'm sorry it just that I'm a bit-" he stuttered, he was British, if course. "I got it", I grabbed his phone and took the picture. I gave him back the phone before I took pictures with rest of the crowd. After what seemed to be ages of pictures, somebody decided to ask me questions. "What part if America are you from?" A boy with blonde hair asked. "Texas" I smiled. He seemed to blush when I looked at him. 

Then it came to mind; if they like me, then I can help Grace.

"Hey guys," I said as the store grew silent, "this is my good friend Grace. And business is hard these days and I was wondering if you can help her out," I said coming nearer towards Grace.

"Everything here is vintage, meaning it's old but fashionable. It's in now. All the pictures you see in magazines are filled with things like these. And boys, girls love jewelry. So why not buy her one of these necklaces or bracelets?" I said.

In seconds, the small crowds prepared out in many directions.
"Thank you so much darling" Grace said as she lightly patted my back.

I stayed a bit longer to help Grace with the new customers. After about half an hour, we were done and Grace had to close the store due to the fact of her becoming tired.
"Thanks again-what was your name?" Grace asked
"How did all they know who you are?" She asked.

"Because I had won a contest, and it was a sort of a big deal and I now get to stay with-" I began to say.

"One direction, right?" Answered Grace.
"Y-yes. How'd you know?"
"My husband is a limo driver and he said he dropped off a girl with the lads and I guess it was you" she smiled. 

After an hour of learning about Grace, I said goodbye and I went back to the house. I saw a clock as I was walking back to house and I reel used I was gone for a very long time-but I didn't care, the boys were having a lazy day.

When I reached to the driveway of the house, the sun was setting and the temperature was gradually dropping. I noticed all the lights were turned off in the house as I glanced into the window.

I quietly opened the door; I assumed that everybody had taken a nap. I slowly closed the door, only making small amounts of creaking noises. As I closed the door I had taken off the rubber in which held my bun together. 

"Where did you go?" A voice bolted out. I jumped in fear, dropping my necklace onto the floor.

I turned to find a concerned Harry staring at me. 
"Nowhere," I picked up my gift from Grace.
"Where's nowhere?" Harry asked again.

I still thought he was giving me the silent treatment,"out" I answered.

"You couldn't gotten mobbed or hurt, you don't know this place well enough to be going out alone" Harry continued as I walked over to turn the light on.

"Your not my dad, calm down. I didn't go too far" I replied as looked the little box the necklace came from.

"I was just-"
"Yea Harry, whatever" I sighed.
"I'm sorry" Harry replied as he came nearer towards me. I started to get a bit nervous, he kept coming nearer and nearer.

Harry's POV~*
I slowly walked over towards Samantha. Samantha, she seems like a nice girl, but I don't know who she is. I know her, but I don't think know the real her. She and Niall had that conversation last week-talking about her falling for me again; she liked me, maybe she still does. But I just don't understand the "again" part; I didn't understand her. Maybe I met her at like a meet and greet or a concert- but hurting her...? Samantha has black colored hair and a bit shorter than me. She looked attractive, she is attractive. She has a hazel-amber eye color. 

I walked over towards her and I noticed a little box she was opening. She finally had opened the box and revealed a small necklace chain with a camera charm attached. She tried to put if on but she kept on dropping it. 

I walked over and picked it up; she stood still, as if she was frozen. "Let me help you," I said.
She slowly nodded and turned around to wear I faced her back. As I waited for her to finish picking up her hair. As she did that I noticed she had clinched tight onto her long sleeve, making it impossible to see any part if her arms and her wrists. I guess she was cold?

I placed the necklace carefully around her neck an began to close the small hook onto the small hoop.

When I finished she placed her hair down and then faced me,"thank you" she said. I looked at her eyes, and she looked at mine. Our eyes were locked to each other's. She looked deeply into mine. I couldn't help but have the urge to kiss her. I decided to lean in slowly- so did she. 

I smiled before closing my eyes and plant my lips into hers. She cleared her thought and said,"I-I'm just gonna go to bed" then, she left the living room.

I stood there, alone. I don't mean to be self centered but, that has never happened to me- being rejected last second. Especially by a girl getting ready to kiss. I shook it of and when to watch tv.

Samantha's POV~*
.................(a/n no thoughts from character)....................................
Was that really about to happen? 

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