Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


9. Arriving


Hey it's Sam, I changed the cover for this movella! I like it, do you?





My heart started beating faster than usual. I'm excited to see them, I mean wouldn't you? So I couldn't help it but to look in the reflection on the window to see how I looked. Brown eyes, long blsck straight eyes. I really liked my hair, it made the color of my eyes to be more noticeable.


"We're here" the driver said, taking me off my thoughts. I stared at the big house. It was beautiful. It looked warm in there, like cozy, which was probably good for the soon-to-be winter weather. As he did before, the old man opened the door for me. It was quite windy so my hair was all in my face. It accidentally hit the old man's face.


"I'm sorry!" I said putting my hair all in the hood of my pullover. 

"Its ok. I hope my hair didn't get in your face" he said, pointing to his bald head.

I laughed and smiled. He kindly handed my things.

"Thank you. For everything" I said.

He nodded and smiled. Oh wait!

"Wait! I-I mean we forgot the picture for your grand-daughter" I said.

"That was a test. I didn't know you would really do it."

"So there is no grand-daughter? " I asked.

"Yes, but Simon doesn't allow me to take picture with his guests".

I glanced over to the house and back to the old man.

"Well just don't tell him..I promise I won't" I said. I hated that word, 'promise', but I had to, he was the second kindest person I met, besides the librarian. 


He quickly pulled out his flip phone and snapped a picture of me. He smiled and said his thanks.

"Wait! W-what's your name again?" I asked.

"John" he smiled.

"Ok, thanks, John. " I smiled. He smiled back, and drove away. I guess you can say I'm a old-person-softy. I mean I do really think I am. I guess I connect with them so much?


I grabbed my two suitcases and walked over to the front door. I knocked, of cource.


"Go get it! It might be her!" A voice yelled behind the door.

"I'm already getting it!" Another voice screamed out. I heard multiple step coming towards the door.


"Hi can you come in??" A voice called out as the door swung opened. I stepped Inside as the door shut behind me. I turned around. Liam.


"Hello darling. Nice to meet you" Liam said pulling me into a welcoming hug.


"H-hello" I sturred. Wow, he changed since the last I saw him. He kept eye contact with me until the rest of the boys came down.


"And these are the rest of One Direction" Liam said, as I turned around. There they were, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry. All smilies. 


"Hi" they all said simoustanly.

"Hello" I replied. 

"The boys would all love to have a proper greeting but we have togo now" A man said, coming from behind them.


"I'm Paul. And if you could just set your stuff here we can go" he said, grabbing my bags and placing them onto their couch. Wow he was tall.


"Lets go!" Liam said, opening the door. I walked out first, then Paul then the rest of the boys. We went into another car, different from the one I arrived in. We all settled in the car as Paul began to drive. There was a long silence. 


"We're goig to a photo shoot for a while, then we will go back to the flat" Louis explained, braking the silence. 

"Oh" I said. He smiled then continued to look out the mirror. I glanced at all the boys. Niall, he was staring at me, but no expression. No smile, just staring. I smiled and looked away. 


~*~Photo shoot


As the boys were posing I didn't focus on them, I forces more on the cameras. Professional cameras. They were black with some red markings on them, but they seemed pretty nice.


"Aw! Why'd you do that for?!" Niall yelled. I glanced over to the boys.

Louis and the boys were laughing as Niall continually blinked his eyes. 

The photographer said 'sorry for the light' I guess the flash was too bright? I didn't ask since they were technically working. I just giggled a bit. After multiple changing, and photos, they were finally finshed.


~* Car Ride Back To Flat


"Samantha" Zayn called out.

"You can call me Sam if want" I said to Zayn.

"Oh. Well Sam." He replied.

"Yea?" I said.

"Sorry for the surprise photoshoot we didn't know until this morning"

"It's fine" I smiled. He smiled back as we all got out the car.


~* At the Flat


"So this is house" Liam said opening the door for the rest of us.

"Would you like a tour Samantha?" Harry asked

"May I have one?" I asked, now facing Harry.

"Yea come on" Harry said, standing infront of me.

"Well while you do that, me and the rest are gonna go get some food" Niall said.


"Ok see you in a bit" Harry told the rest. They nodded and we went our ways.


"Ok lets start with the bottom half." Harry suggested. I nodded.

"So tell me about you" Harry piped up.

"What do you wanna know?" I asked.

"Um, how old are you?"

"19." I answered. 

"Cool, I'm 19 too" Harry smiled.

"That's the kitchen and living room" he said pointing. 

"Nice.." I replied. 


As Harry continued the tour of the house he kept asking questions about me. Some questions that he asked me, he answered them himself, correctly. I started to think that he was remembering me. I felt happy, and well happy because he was about to remember me. 

"And this is where you will be sleeping" harry said opening a door.

"We had hired a decorator to do this room for you" he said.

"For me?" I asked.

"Yea. Do you like it? Are you not used to this or something?" He asked.

"I love it. This is one of the nicest thing anybody has done for me" I whipered.


There was another silence, but a comfortable one.

"So Sandra" Harry said.

"'s Samantha" I corrected him. My smile faded, my heart felt, hurt. Yea I know it's been a couple of years since we've seen each other, but he promised that he will remember me. It hurt me..


"Sorry" he said.

"'s ok.." I sighed. 

"FOOD'S HERE!!!" a voice called out. 

"We should probably go see what they bought" Harry suggested.


We went down to find they bought tacos and some sodas. I wasn't that hugry so I just ate like 2 tacos and a soda. The table was filled with jokes, and laughter from Louis and Liam. I just smiled and giggled. I glanced over to Niall. He was still staring at me. It didn't bother at all, I'm still a bit bumped out about Harry forgetting me name. It hurts you know.


~* After Dinner


After dinner, it was about midnight. We didn't take long to eat, we took long watching tv. Liam and Louis and went to bed. Zayn went to go take a shower I guess. Niall, Harry and I were the only one's who were left at the living room. I got up from the couch without saying a word and grabbed my suitcases to go unpack.


As I unpacked a tear fell from eye. Just one, Harry forgot me. Don't judge me, if somebody you liked promised to never forget you, then once you see them, they don't even know your name, wouldn't you be at least a bit hurt? Yes you would be, everybody always will.


I let the tear fall as I started to place my pants into a drawer. 

"Samantha? " a voice called out. I jumped in fright. I quickly wiped the tear.

"Yea?" I saod, turning around to see Niall. 

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Putting my clothes up" I answered. 


"Can I help?" He asked.

"Yea can you put these up somewhere? " I asked pointing to the pictures without thinking.


When I stood up arms wrapped around me waost and I felt a head pressed against my back.


"Niall?" I asked. He let go of me and hugged me again when I turned to face him.


___Harry's POV___

Where did Niall and Samantha go? She seems very nice, she has a beautiful smile. I just met her but, i think i kind of like her. No i don't, i just met her, I can't like her so soon..can I? Samantha, she's beautiful, a bit on the quiet side but she'll probably get over it in a couple of days.. I got up from the couch to go see if she was in her room. The door was closed, but I saw light come front the bottom of the door. As I placed my hand on the knob I heard people talking..


"I missed you so much Samantha" a voice said, Niall? I pressed my ear against the door to hear better.


"I missed you so so much" Samantha whispered. 

"Don't let me go" Samantha said.

"I wasn't planning on to" Niall said.

Their dating? Samantha and Niall? Are they? I couldn't keep on listening, I felt a bit angry. Niall never told us he had a girlfriend, let aoone about Samantha. Now how are gonna do the plan?


___Samantha's POV__

Me and Niall hugged for what felt like ages. During the hug I thought I saw the door knob move but it was probably my eyes playing games with me.


"So what happened? ?" Niall asked as we pulled away from each other.

"After what?" I asked, sitting on the floor.

"After you beat up that girl?" Niall asked.

I told him about reform school, and about how my mom remarried with Kevin. I also told him how I moved from America to England. But I didn't tell him about my passed cutting, or about how Kevin hit me, or about Gabby and Mom.


"You changed! Where's the glasses? Brown hair?" Niall asked next.

"I wear contacts, I still have my glasses though, and I dyed my hair black" I said, touching the tips of my hair.


"I like your hair like that" he said, tugging on my hair playfully. 


"But is the old Samantha still there?" He asked.

"In some ways she is" I said, talking in the 3rd person. 

"Ok. Well I'm going to bed now." Niall yawned. 

"Ok good night" I said, closing the door behind him.


I threw myself onto the bed. Niall, he remebered me...he remebered...

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