Remember Me? **Sequel to Cyberbullied**

Its been about 3 years since Samantha had seen her past highschool buddies and boyfriend. But what happens when the boys held a contest? Will they remember Samantha? Will 3-year-old promises be still kept..?

**Sequel to Cyberbullied**


18. A part of a song..

I sat upon the bed; slowly zoning out. I looked in a straight line in sight, if you were to see you would say I was staring at the wall. No thoughts came to mind, none. I just, zoned out. Rain continued to hit the window pain; slowly growing louder and louder. I heard a few creeks outside of the bedroom door, but I still didn't look; I continued to stare off in the distance, not a thought in mind. The type of zoning out? It was the type where you look at something but it was so intense that no matter what happened, you still couldn't look away. It was the type were you don't move your eyes, maybe not even blinking. It was the intense zoning.


Suddenly, there was a knco on the door, I answered by 'come in' ; but, still not looking away from my line of sight. I heard the door open, I didn't know who it was; I kept my eyes at the same point.


"Hey.." a voice said, coming closer and closer. I didn't speak. 

"Hello?" The voice chuckled. 

I didn't answer, not even move.

"Samantha" the voice said again, but now wavin their hand in front of my face. I quickly looked up; leaving my zoning out moment.


"Hi." The voice repeated. 

"Hi Niall"

"Are you ok?"

"Yea, of cource I am. Why?"

" 'cause you were just staring off"

"Is that a crime Niall? Is it?" I laughed. 

"Hey, I wrote a few lyrics down and I wondered if-"

"I can listen to it?" I finshed his question. He gave me the smile-nod.

"Ok lets go" 


Niall led me downstairs in a small room.

"You gotta be quiet tho, think the boyz sleepin' " Niall whispered. I nodded as he opened the door to the room. As i walked in inside was a guitar, Niall's I'm guessing, a piano, lap, a mirror plastered onto one of the walls, and mattresses standing up in a corner.


"What's all of this stuff for? And really? Mattresses? Really Niall?"

"There for when we sing. We put a mic in the middle 'n then we sing." 

"I guess it's normal" I laughed.

"So our voices won't be echoed. Think it came out in the movie" Niall continued. I nodded as he put on his guitar. 


"Um, I had gotten a tune in my head 'n I started humming, then I made up some lyrics, so yea" he said tuning. I sat upon the piano seat-thing.


" 🎵 Front pages are your pictures, they make you look so small. How could someone not miss you at all?🎵"


My heart beated faster as Niall continued to sing. His fingers moved swiftly as he strung each of the strings. His eyes were glued to the guitar during the whole time; he sang a small part but he sang it slow so it felt as if he sang a whole song.


" 🎵 I never would mistreat ya' oh I'm not a criminal, I speak a different language but I still hear your call 🎵"


He immediately stopped playing and singing after the lyric 'call'.


"And that's all I could think of.." he lightly laughed.

"What do you think about it?" He asked.

"I love it" I said, hugging him as he was still seated. He hugged me back; wrapping his arms around me.


So yea, the part was short, but it ment a lot. I guess it wasn't directly ment for me or the reason, but I understood it. The last part he sang, I speak a different language but I still hear your call, to ment that he cares...THEY care...somebody cares. As I thought over and over about the lyrics, or at least part of it, it sounded like a love song. In my mind, I pictured a girl getting dumped and a boy singing how he felt about her, how he liked her. I didn't know what to think, because after all it was a small part of a song; was it even gonna become a song? 


I realized that me and Niall were still hugging. I pulled away, but we still had our arms on each others back. He stared at my eyes; smiling. The smile he had acroos his face soon faded as he began to glance from my eyes to my mouth; over and over again. My heart felt as if it beated faster. I caught myself staring at his lips. He started to lean in; closer and closer... Our lips were an inch away from each others. He leaned in one last time; almost planting his lips onto mine. Unexpectedly, when he had almost kissed me the guitar fell from between us; making us relize what was happening and pulling away. Niall quickly picked up his guitar. 


"Is is dented?"

"Just scratched"

"Oh.." I said. The conversation quickly became awkward. 

"Well, I should get to bed, getting late" I said, standing up.

" too" he mumbled slowly; scratching the back of his head.


"Goodnight..." he piped up as I reach for the door nob.

"Night Niall"



Im dyeing to know! Who do YOU ship from so far? 

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