Irish love

Em has just found out she is pregnant with Niall's baby. No one quite knows how it happened, since nothing really happened. But Niall and Em are determined to work through it even if it means destroying friendships within the band.


6. Telling the world?

Niall and I lay in bed. We weren't asleep though. Niall was laying next to me on his phone. Probably checking twitter like he did every night and in his free time. I laid next to Niall. I was propped up slightly. My head was on his chest and he had one arm around me. His phone started ringing and he answered, putting it on speaker.

"Hey Liam," he said. "Your on speaker with Em," he said letting Liam know I was there.

"Oh hey there Em," Liam said.

"Hey Li," I said.

"So whats up mate?" Niall asked.

"Paul called, we have an interview tomorrow morning," Liam said. "They want all of us to be there, including you Em," he said.

"Me? Why me?" I asked as I sat up and leaned up against the wall.

"I'm not sure, but it might be because of whats been going on on twitter," he said. I shot the phone a confused look, even though Liam couldn't see my face. Then I gave Niall the same look.

"Whats been going on on twitter?" I asked Niall.

"I'm not sure," he lied. Niall was horrible at lying. I stared at him until he finally answered. "Someone posted some pictures of you and me, and people are saying that your gaining weight. Everyone has different ideas about whats been going on though," he said.

"So they think I'm pregnant?" I asked as I looked down at my growing belly.

"Yes, and that's probably why they want you there tomorrow," Liam said. I had almost forgotten he was there.

"And if they ask about it, what do I say?" I asked. "I haven't told anyone but you guys. Not even my family. But I'm sure Kayla already knows," I said as I pulled my knees up and hugged them. Niall rubbed my back trying to comfort me.

"Well unless you come up with a good reason why your gaining weight, I suggest you just tell them. It'll come out sooner or later," Liam said. I nodded.

"Your right," I said.

"Well then I'll see you guys tomorrow at 8:00, we'll pick you guys up," he said. Niall and I said goodbye and Niall plugged in his phone to charge in the kitchen. He came walking back to bed and got in next to me. He laid down and turned off the lamp that was on next to him.

"Are you sure about tomorrow?" he asked in the darkness. I rested my head against his chest and he had an arm around me.

"No," I said. "But we have to tell everyone sometime," I said. I felt Niall nod and pretty soon he feel asleep.

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