Irish love

Em has just found out she is pregnant with Niall's baby. No one quite knows how it happened, since nothing really happened. But Niall and Em are determined to work through it even if it means destroying friendships within the band.


14. Early

Niall walked into the living room and handed me a slice of pizza. I looked down at it and placed it on the couch.

"Your not hungry again?" Niall asked as he took a bite of his pizza. I shook my head. I had been feeling sick the past week, and all food looked disgusting. "Are you sure your alright?" Niall asked as he rubbed my large stomach. I was 8 and a half months pregnant, and I was huge. I hated it. I don't know how Niall could stand to be with me.

"I'm fine babe," I said trying to comfort him. I felt James kick inside me and I changed positions on the couch so he wouldn't be kicking my ribs.

We sat in silence for a little bit while Niall ate his pizza, and then moved on to mine. Then he set his plate down on the coffee table. I didn't want to be sitting anymore so I figured I would put the plates up.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked as I stood up.

"I'm putting the plates up," I said as I started to walked into the kitchen.

"You should let me do that," Niall said as he jumped up and tried to stop me from going any further.

"Niall I need to move around. I've been sitting on that couch for a week now. You would be the same way if you were practically forced to sit down forever," I said. Niall looked down like he was thinking then nodded.

"Yea your right, I couldn't sit there," he said. "Just take it easy," he said as he grabbed my hand.

We walked into the kitchen and I set the plates in the sink. I headed outside to the balcony and leaned against the rail. Niall stayed in the kitchen to clean up. Just then I felt a sharp pain in the lower part of my stomach. I knelt over and gasped for breath.

"Niall!" I yelled out still struggling for breath. I saw Niall look up from the counter and run over to me. "Something isn't right," I said quietly. Niall nodded and tried to help me stand up but a even sharper pain punched me in the gut. Niall made me sit down on a chair as he pulled out his phone.

"Yes hello? My fiance is in pain, she cant stand." Niall said frantically. "She's pregnant, please help," Niall said as he gave our address then hung up. "It'll be ok, help is coming," Niall said as he knelt down next to me and grabbed my arm.

I rocked back and forth slightly from the pain.

Then I blacked out...

I woke up in the hospital. I could feel something cold running through my arm and I looked down to see an IV. I was in a pale blue hospital gown and a beige blanket covered my legs. I looked around and saw Niall asleep on one of the chairs. I coughed a bit to let him know I was awake, and he jolted awake. When he saw I was awake he ran over to me and grabbed my hand.

"I was so worried about you," he whispered as he kissed me.

"What happened?" I asked as Niall sat down next to me on the squeaky bed.

"You were having some sort of pain so I called the hospital," Niall said.

"I know that. What happened after I blacked out?"

"The paramedics came and drove you to the hospital. The baby had broken some of your ribs and kept kicking them, so they had to do an emergency c-section," Niall said as he looked down and started rubbing his finger back and forth along my hand. I looked down at my stomach and pushed the blanket off of me. I shook my head.

"Wheres James?" I asked as I felt the scar under the gown.

"He's in the nursery," Niall said. "He's ok, hes just underweight from being early," Niall explained before I had time to worry. Just then there was a knock on the door and a doctor wearing green scrubs came walking in as he looked at his clipboard.

"Aw Ms Horan, how are you feeling?" he asked as he started looking at the different monitors I had hooked up to me.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Thats great," the doctor said. "Your baby is doing good, you can see him tomorrow," the doctor said.

"Why can't I see him now?" I asked before the doctor could walk away.

"We like to keep the mothers away from the babies for at least two day after the c-section," the doctor said. "Its safer that way," he said as he walked away.

"That's stupid," I mumbled. Just then a nurse came walking in with a tray of food.

"Mr Horan I'm sorry but visiting hours are over," the nurse said as she helped me sit up a bit so I could reach the unappetizing tray of food. Niall nodded and the nurse left.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Niall said as he kissed me and stood up. "Get some rest," he said as he walked out the door.

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