High Tide

The waves crashed into the shore, perfect day for a surfing competition. I sit waxing my board, waiting for the manager to hand her the designated skins shirt for my endorsement in the competition today. RipCurl was scrawled in Hawaiian style across the navy and white skins shirt. I waves to my fans and crashes into the water waiting for Kanoa to meet me, both of us representing RipCurl only he sported Black and Red skins and board shorts to match. We swim out towards the other competitors sitting on our boards waiting for the Man making this happen to go over the P.A
"WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" the man starts his speech and starts with the left end leaving Kanoa and myself to be last, "and now to introduce the only male in the competition Kanoa Lani." Kanoa swims towards a nice wave and slices the water. Everyone cheers. My turn. "And our reigning champion, Aolani Halaway!" I wait lifting my head to the sun. I turn and speed towards a massive wave, I ride into the monster........


2. You Just Made That Comp. AWKWARD

 Konoa's p.o.v.

So I get told that it's Any Man For Himself and then I got told that Aolani and I should date. WAY TO GO MANAGEMENT!!! OH YEAH! I begin to wax my board. I hum along to one of Aolani's favorite songs. When I finish waxing my board I stand up and see Aolani charging for the water letting her fans cheer her on. I stand back and watch pounding my fist into the air. I wink towards her and she does a winkie face with the peace symbol. Some people in the audience look at us. "AWWWW" they cheer.

 "You know even though I'm an old guy I still had a few relationships back in my day."


"I know Boyd, I know but how do you suppose a girl like 'that' could go for a guy like well like me.?" I question never taking my eyes off her.


"Because of the look in her eyes when she's around you, the way she smiles. You guys were made for eachother. Now, go out there and sweep her away, and by that I mean literally go pick on her by getting 'her wave' Oh and if you really want a girl like 'that' then start showing her how you feel.''


really? "Thanks Boyd!" I yell as I throw myself into the water paddling towards Aolani. You know, I sometime wonder what might happen if I asked her out? I would make it a big deal that's for sure, I probably would be on the same wave as her and be sitting in the water, waiting for her to come up again.  Then I would pop the question. Making sure that bunches of people would here us. Waiting for her to say yes would be the hard part though. I wink at her before they start calling names out.

"And Next up is Kanoa Lani!" I pick up a decent wave and shred through the water falling off the board backwards into the water.

" AND OUR REIGNING CHAMPION AOLANI HALAWAY!!!!!" she sits almost like she's bored. Then I see it, that flash in her eyes.


She perks up and turns paddling towards a VERY small wave. What the hell is she doing, wait I see it its building up! She goes right through the green room shredding the water, Rising back into the top. Cheers erupt from the crowd, posters fly, whistles and screams. I yell in her direction, " GO LANI!" she just shakes her head, doing a backflip off the board. Rising again from the water swimming back to her position beside me.

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