Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


13. why did you kiss me?

Anette P.OV

I couldn't believe Eli did that! I mean I kinda enjoyed it but I remembered that Ian said he would try and like Eli for me so I kissed Eli back. After the 2nd kiss, Ian walked up and pushed Eli back> ''ELI!!!!!!! WHAT DID I SAY!!!!!'' I was afraid something bad was going to happen so I pushed the boys away from each other. ''Ian, you told me that you approve of Eli!'' Eli had a confused look. ''Really?! cause last night I went to his room to ask if he would let me date you and he said no i couldn't date you." I saw Ian's face like he was an ass-hole. He was one cause 1 he told me that he would approve of Eli whether he likes it or not and now he doesn't approve. ''Listen sis, I only said that because I thought he wasn't going to try and go out with you. I felt hate going on in my body. I wanted to run away. How could I ever trust Ian after he lyed to me! I ran out of the kitchen. I wanted to see if Eli and Ian would start to talk so I quickly hid behind a wall and listened closely.

Eli P.O.V

''Listen Ian, I'm sorry, I just wanted to prove to you that I really like her.'' Ian looked at me with a face of hate ''Well you did it the negative way. Now thanks to you Anette hates me!'' I tried to grab a hold of Ian but he punched me and ran outside. Oh boy, You should've never done that! I ran outside and tackled Ian! He got up and punched me so I kicked him in the stomach and kneed him in the face. His nose was bleeding so he kicked me right in my nose. Blood was all over my neck. I heard someone scream so I turned and saw everyone standing there. Our mums were crying and Anette had her eyes puffy,red,and wet! We quickly stopped untill my mum came down and slapped me ''WHY WOULD YOU TWO FIGHT!!!'' Eleanor came down also and slapped Ian ''IAN TOMLINSON!!!!! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS!!!'' We all went inside and I tried to look at Anette but she was crying and yelling at Ian. We both finally told everyone why we hated each other so much. So everyone started to talk and said that we are all going to be together no matter what. After the talk Ian and I had to say sorry and we gave each other and 'I forgive you hug' We both went upstairs and we saw Anette's door closed. Ian and I tried to see what she was talking about and our minds were blown.

Anette P.O.V

I was talking to Darcy while the adults talked to the boys. I can't believe those two. ''Anette c'mon, both of them really care about you. I know that they fought and they both mean so much to you but that's their problem not your's.''  I stared at Darcy with eyes of hurt ''Darcy, but Ian lied to me!! He knows how much I feel about that. I think I should run away and see if those two get along'' I heard my door swing open and Ian was the first to hug me ''Sis, I'm sorry I just care about you too much that i don't want anyone to be yours, your my princess and no one elses.''  Eli walked up to me and gave me a peck on my lips. ''I'm sorry I did this to you babe. I really love you. I wish you were mine!'' I started to cry. These two really do care about me. 

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