Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


5. Why did i do that?

Eli P.O.V 

I walked up to my room while my mum and dad were making out. I quickly turn to Zabrina (My baby sis) and we started to laugh "And that Zabrina is how mum and dad made you and i" and just when i said that mum and dad stopped their make-out session. you might think it was cute but it looked like they were going to eat each other alive. I saw Zabrina staring at the door like if she was in love and then i decided to look and i saw Liam Jr. standing at the door without his shirt so i decided to hide her view so i got in front of her then i saw Anette without her shirt so i quickly tried to cover my eyes "Ahhhhh Anette what are you doing?!" I saw her giggling her dimples are gorgeous "I'm going midnight swimming. you wanna come with me?" i nodded and took off my shirt and followed her. Once we got to the pool Anette just stood there "Ok Eli when i count to 3 we are going to jump in ok?" I nodded and i began the count down "3......2......1!" I jumped in and i looked to see if Anette jumped in and she was still on the concrete laughing hard. She was too busy laughing that i got out of the pool and i picked her up and jumped in with her in my arms. 

Anette P.O.V

I started splashing Eli's face and then i started doing laps around the pool. I got to the middle and Eli started to talk "Uh.... Anette does Darcy like me?" i started to feel a feeling "OMG Eli, you like Darcy!!" I saw Eli shaking his head like crazy. "NO! I dont like Darcy i used to but that was when i realized that im in love with you." I saw him cover his mouth. I never been told that i was loved except my family. I just stared into those into those beautiful brown eyes then I saw them get closer,and closer. I felt a pair of wet lips on mine. I loved that feeling. I backed away but I wanted more kisses so Eli pulled me in and we had a tiny make-out session. I noticed someone standing at the entrance so i backed away and I found out it was Ian! I saw him run back to his room. I just remember that Eli and Ian have history. I don't know for what but both of them won't tell anybody, they are the only ones that know. I really want to know but if nobody else knows then it must be bad and private. I quickly got out of the pool and raced after him. I turned to see Eli and he had a sorry face.

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