Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


9. Why did he show up?!?!

Liam P.O.V

I heard a bunch of screaming so I thought the kids were playing a game so I decided to join in "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" I started to laugh. Eleanor and Anette turned to me like if they weren't playing so I decided that I should check out why everyone was freaking out. I walked up to the door and i saw Eleanor rush up stairs with Anette behind her. I opened the door and I now regret opening that door because standing in front of me was................

Jack P.O.V

I saw that Liam kid staring at me like I was crazy. "Uh.... is Eleanor Calder here? I need to talk to her since I've been gone.'' I saw Liam sweating at this point. ''Uh...sir? Eleanor Calder is now a Tomlinson but she does not want to see you. She is still frighten by what you did to her.'' I wanted to kill this kid but I was afraid to go back to jail so I screamed her name but no one came downstairs. I saw that same kid that whacked me in the head before I killed Eleanor. I saw him and he quickly walked away to a different room. I saw this young man come to the door. He looked like a mini Louis Tomlinson. "Sir, or should I say grandpa, my mum does not want to talk to you. You are my childhood nightmare and i was terrified when my mum would say your name. Can you please leave this house and never come back? I know what you did to my grandma and I don't believe that you've changed a bit. Leave. NOW!!!'' This kid had some attitude. I now hate myself. He was right. I wanted to see Eleanor so I can kill her and get her over with. My goal is now ruined and again that kid was right. I will never come to this house. EVER.

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