Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


4. Sorry?

Harry P.O.V

I saw Eleanor walk up to the up to the cop with an angry face. These kids are going to get killed. I began to listen as the cop started to talk "Ma'm these kids were walking and there was an old lady in front of them so as they kept on walking this guy came and took the bag from the old lady so these 3 started to chase the guy and this young man jumped on his back and started to fight while these two young girls started to slap,punch, kick etc and it turns out that that man was the lady's son and he was just going to cash some money out of the account." I saw Louis with a mad face and I was pretty mad also so we thanked the cop and we started to talk to the kids.

Zayn P.O.V

I was covering my ears as my beautiful wife started yelling like crazy and I can tell by the kid's face that they were scared! I saw Eleanor trying to calm Gissel down but she was unstoppable. Which is why i married this angel;) I saw Harry not as mad as we were but he was pretty disappointed and then he started to get on to Darcy because she didn't tell him that she liked Eli and I could tell by Eli's face that was going to put her in the friendzone (she did the same thing when they were 13) I turn to Gissel and I could finally talk. "Guys, we are disappointed because the cops had to bring you but it was nice that you guys stood up for that lady,you know it could've been a real robber and you guys would've done the same thing but first ask the victim if they know that person. Ok? I love you guys" I saw the kids face brighten up. I looked at the clock and it read 6:00pm ''You know what guys? you should go to the movies while us parents have a drink and talk.

Eli P.O.V

Thank god I didn't get in trouble!!!! As the parents went to the store to get the drinks I decided to talk to Anette (maybe a little flirting here and there) I was about to talk to her when all of a sudden Darcy got inbetween us and she started blabbering her mouth about how she was sorry she didn't tell me that she had a crush on me but that she wanted to know if I liked her back but we couldn't date so I just kept on nodding my head but once Darcy finshed her tiny (and fast) talk Anette got up "Im gonna take a shower'' see yall in a little bit'' and she walked off. Shit! I didnt get to talk to her.

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