Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


2. Someone has a little crush

Louis P.O.V

I saw Eleanor give the 'someone likes your princess' look so i called Eli "Hey Eli i wanna talk to you outside" I saw Eli's eyes widen up. Once we got outside I stared at Eli for a good 5 minutes "Uhh....... Sir is something wrong?" I chuckled "Everything is fine Eli but you know how I'm your godfather and kids are suppose to trust their godparents right?" I saw the sweat coming down his forehead while he was nodding "Eli, Do you like Anette? I'm not going to get mad but please tell me the truth" I saw his face dripping sweat and his face red as a tomato "Uh....... Louis I do like Anette! I'm sorry i just think she is beautiful and funny and she doesn't need a jerk, she needs a boy who will treat her right and I want to be that guy." My hands got sweaty and my heart exploded. "Eli, when Anette was 5, she told me you were cute and I still think she thinks that. I not positive but I think she still likes you." I saw how his eyes got more wide and he was smiling like an idiot. Why did i say that?

Eli P.O.V

I can't believe the girl I had a crush on since I was 8 liked me back. I am the happiest person on earth. I fell in love with Anette and i hoped she was in love with me. I heard the door open and it was that beauty. "Hey Eli." Her eyes were gorgeous! "H-h-Hey Anette" she was so cute "Uh... dad me and Darcy are going to thee mall.' I saw Louis look at me "Uh.. baby i want you to take Eli,he would like to drive you guys." I saw her eyes widen up with joy "Thanks Eli" she gave me a bear hug, BEST HUG EVER. I started to blush but I saw how Louis had his serious face so we quickly got into the car and we drove off.

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