Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


10. Midnight nightmares are not pretty

Eleanor P.O.V

It was finally night time. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! I was walking upstairs and I passed Ian's room. He was passed out on his desk. I walked over to his desk and read the note he gave Anette, he must really love his sister. I left the room and passed Anette's room. She was to busy playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, i guess she was to busy yelling and shooting that she didn't notice me walk into her room. I began to look over at her desk and I saw a picture of her and Ian they took when we went to America and they looked adorable. I left her room and finally got to my room. I noticed that Louis was already asleep so i quietly got in bed and started thinking. I remember the day that Louis saved me, the day when a complete stranger became the love of my life. I started to feel a little sleepy so i kiss my Louis and I went to sleep.*12:00 a.m.* "You really think you should leave your father like that. What kind of a daughter are you. I will kill all of you. Your son is a real ass-hole JUST LIKE YOU" I woke up screaming I was dreaming of Jack killing my family. It felt like if it was real. I decided to check so I turned to Louis, still there (and SEXY), I went to Anette's room, sleeping while hugging her laptop, I went to Ian's room, awake and drawing "Ian, babe why are you up so early?'' He looked at me like if I was the devil or something. ''Uh... mum listen, I was drawing a rose.'' I looked at him weird ''A rose? For who?'' he started to sweat "Mum, I have a crush on Darcy Styles.''

Ian P.O.V

I saw my mum's face when i told her that. I regret telling my mum this but I trust her. ''Mum, she likes Eli so don't worry.'' I looked at the door and saw Anette standing there. "Hey mum, can I talk to Ian alone.?'' Mum nodded and kissed both of us goodnight. "Ian? Who were you talking about when you said that she likes Eli???" I stared into my sis's eyes and everything burst out. I was arfriad that she was going to be mad but she ended up laughing so hard that her eyes were red from all the tears that came out of her. ''wow Ian, who ever thought that my brother would like my best friend???'' she laughed and went to her room. That was a close one. I was about to turn my lights off when you-know-who came in, ''Ian, we need to talk.''

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