Why Is He So Special? - Please Stop Growing Up

10 years into the future Ian and Anette start their first summer off from their freshman year. What will Ian think when his little sister starts to fall for his childhood best friend.


7. How can I trust my brother?

Anette P.O.V

I quickly ran to my room and stuff my face into my pillow. I was my favorite pillow in the world. It was the one pillow my dad gave me for my 6th birthday. I didn't understand why Ian got made at me. I mean if he was a girl that's a tomboy its hard to get a guy to like you. I mean Eli is the first boy that told me he likes me. I mean all guys want girly girls and I am probably the only tomboy of my whole school.  I saw my dad standing at the door. He is probably the only one that understands me. "Hi dad'' I said as I wiped my eyes. ''What happened Anette?" she looked at me and I could tell it was Ian that made her sad ''Sweetheart what did Ian do?" I started to tell him everything from the pool to Ian's room. I saw my dad's eyes full of hurt but I could tell that he was trying to make a fake smile.''sweetheart, I know that you are at the age where you would want to go out with boys but ever since David slapped you, I couldn't trust any boy in the world. I just want you to be safe and ok. I approve Eli but when he started to be a jerk come and talk to me and i will tell you everything you have to do. I love you princess and you are my #1 treasure.'' My dad gave me a long hug. I felt safe when I'm in my dad's arms. I feel like everything will be ok when i'm with my dad. I'm am thankful that I have him in my life. My dad got up gave me a kiss on the forehead and left the room. 

Ian P.O.V

I saw my dad come out of Anette's room. I could tell that he was hurt from what she told him. I wanted to go into her room and hug my sis but once I started to walk to her room my dad stopped me ''Look Ian i'm not mad but give your sis some alone time. Just for tonight but you can go tomorrow. Okay?'' I nodded and went to my room. I couldn't wait till tomorrow so I decided to write her a letter. after I finished writing the letter I quietly went to the front of her door and I slid the letter under the door. I hoped she read the note because she is my best friend. 

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