Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending (The Book)

Every hundred years or so Rowland must pick a new mate, a human who he deems worthy of ruling by his side until she meets her untimely demise. In a community where love is just a myth and a mated pair is only paired for the benefit of the race what will he do when his new mate changes everything.
Scarlet knows someone is watching her, she can sense it when he walks into the room. His lingering eyes watch her and as she turns to look he is no longer there. This pattern continues until her mysterious stranger reveals himself bringing her into a world she no longer belongs in.

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter two

Chapter two

    Stretching my groggy limbs I opened my eyes. I bolted upright. Where was I? The room was decorated in deep reds and browns. There were no windows, the walls were lined with paintings and photos. Walking to the closet it was filled with men’s clothing. Are you kidding me! I screamed, this freak actually drugged and kidnapped me. Screaming out in frustration I walked to the door and just as I suspected it was locked, with a damn key. Sitting on the bed I looked down at my feet.  my heart started pounding like a drum, my face turning bright red as I ran to the bathroom. I was no longer in my own clothes. I was dressed in a white mermaid gown in ivory. Silver string laced in patterns and swirls threw out the dress. My hair was expertly curled and pined up with flowers and diamonds. My makeup was done in such a way that my grey eyes looked so silver it was almost unnatural. 
    Who dressed me? I had to admit I looked beautiful, but I was so not marrying this guy. Striping out of the dress I almost screamed when I saw the undergarments I was put in. rushing to the closet I pulled on a tee-shirt and a pair of his sweatpants, I was sure I looked ridiculous but these clothes were so conferrable. 
    “While you do look great in my clothes I do not think that the party is casual.” Said a voice from behind me. Jumping I turned around, Rowland was dressed in a suit and tie, the tie was silver matching my dress and eyes. 
    “Who said I was going? And who dressed me by the way.” I said stubbornly.  
    Shaking his head he looked me in the eyes. “One of my sisters dressed you and did your makeup and such. As for the wedding, you do not have any choice in the matter. Now you will put on that dress even if I have to put it on you myself.” walking to the bathroom he returned with the dress and shoes. “Now what’s it going to be?” standing there for a moment he looked my body up and down, smirking as I quickly grabbed the dress and ran into the bathroom.  Changing I then sat on the edge of the tub prolonging everything as long as I could. 
    “Scarlet.” he said knocking on the bathroom door. “We have to get going.” Looking at myself in the mirror before walking out of the bathroom. My eyes that were now red from crying and my cheeks flushed, I rushed past him hiding my face. A moment later a strong gentle hand turned me around. 
    “You don’t have to be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you.” 
    “How do I know that?” 
    “Because why would I hurt my wife?” 
    “Well all of your other “mates” died didn’t they?” I said putting quotations around mates showing him my disbelief in his story. 
    “I see that you still do not believe me, you don’t have to, but you will once this is all over.” Grabbing my hand he lead me down the long hallway. The entire place was dressed in deep jewel tones and tastefully decorated with portraits and paintings. The last portrait was of Rowland, he was painted strong and handsome sitting in a leather chair dressed in a suit. Under the painting were the words Prince Rowland David Price. Prince? I thought, this was all getting more weird by the second.  
    After a long walk we stood behind two large oak doors, once the music started the doors opened revealing thousands of people. The room was made of all completely glass showing the snow covered ground, we must be out in the mountains if there was snow. I thought absently. The room was decorated with silver and white, white roses lined the floor as the aroma of lavender and mint swept threw the room. Closing my eyes I desperately wanted to run, my mind new that I would never get away, but some part of me didn’t want to.  
     As we approached the front of the room I listened as the vows were read, I was not asked if I was going to take this man as my husband, there was no opening for rejections or objections. Simply a statement of what was expected of both of us before he said you may now kiss the bride. Holding my breath as he leaned into kiss me I was more then surprised when he didn’t kiss me at all, standing there shaking as he inched closer to my neck I screamed out in pain when he bit down hard enough to draw blood. What was strange was that it didn’t seem to take much effort to pierce my skin, when he pulled away I quickly put my hand to my neck afraid I was going to bleed out. 
    what are you doing my little petit feu? There is no wound, it is already healed. I jumped as I heard Rowland’s voice, but I did not see his lips move. 
    “H-how?” I stammered my eyes wide in shock.  
    “I told you, do you believe me now?” he smiled showing his blood stained teeth, that were now sharp and as pointed as a needle. He was telling me the truth, he was a Vampir, but how? 


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