Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending (The Book)

Every hundred years or so Rowland must pick a new mate, a human who he deems worthy of ruling by his side until she meets her untimely demise. In a community where love is just a myth and a mated pair is only paired for the benefit of the race what will he do when his new mate changes everything.
Scarlet knows someone is watching her, she can sense it when he walks into the room. His lingering eyes watch her and as she turns to look he is no longer there. This pattern continues until her mysterious stranger reveals himself bringing her into a world she no longer belongs in.

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


1. Chapter One

    Chapter one

    I can feel him, he’s always there, watching and waiting. But waiting for what? I’ve never seen him, he’s never allowed me to. Whenever my curious streak comes threw and I turn around who see who this mysterious stranger is, he is always gone. 
    “Scarlet.” Alyssa says poking my arm. Laughing I cover my pale freckle splattered face with my hand.  
    “Sorry. What were you saying?” I ask, she just shrugs and looks innocently down to the floor delicately tracing a pattern on the white tile with her shoe. 
    “If you were listening you would have known that I just told you I’m pregnant.” 
     “What!” I yell looking at her with my full attention. Looking me in the eye she suddenly bursts out laughing. Running a hand threw her perfect blonde hair tears run down her cheeks. 
    “ You should have seen your face.” Alyssa garbles out in one giant stream of words. Throwing a pillow at her face she just continues to laugh. After a few moments she calms down putting the pillow behind her. “But no seriously Scar what’s been up with you lately? Your mind is always somewhere else.” Shrugging my shoulders I look out the window of my apartment, the city buildings standing tall and proud behind the clear glass. 
    “Honestly, I don’t know. Just tired I guess.” there was no way I was going to be telling her about the man, the man I haven’t even seen… Yeah that’s totally normal.  
    “Well girlie I think its time for one of our little trips.” She smiles her blue eyes shinning. 
    “As long as its not raining this time.” I agree, nodding her head vigorously she runs into my room. Laughing I reluctantly follow her into my room.  
    “Please please do not make me wear this!” I wine looking in the mirror. The person looking back at me certainly did look great, but why did the dress have to be so tight. Shifting uncomfortably I pull at the stretchy red fabric.  
    “Oh please, you are so not, and I repeat are so not going to a club in your normal clothes. Your as cute as a button but honey, you can only hide from people for so long. Stop hiding.” She says placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. Giving up I lace on the black heals grabbing my jacket I allowed myself to be lead out of the house.  
      Walking the dimly lit streets I wrapped my arms around my small torso as a shiver went up my spine. He was watching, quickly turning around I new what I was going to see, I was just going to see an empty sidewalk, and that’s exactly what I saw. Turing around I let out a small yelp as I ran into something. Landing on my but Alyssa quickly scrambled to help me to my feet.  
    “Are you alright?” came a voice from in front of me. Looking forward I met the eyes of my mysterious stranger. His pitch black hair was swept to the side allowing his moss green eyes to blaze threw. Looking at him I stood speechless. He walked to me, pushing a strand of my ash blonde hair away from my face he let out a small laugh. “I hope I didn’t cause any brain damage when you ran into me.” Quickly moving away and next to Alyssa I nodded my head with a fake smile. 
    “Yeah I’m okay, just a little dazed is all.” Squealing when Alyssa pushed me towards the stranger I huffed crossing my arms. Amusement filled his green eyes. 
    “So, where are two beautiful ladies such as yourselves walking to un escorted?” 
    “We were just walking down to Blue Moon.” She answers. 
    “Well what a coincidence I was just going there myself, would you care if I came along?” He asked looking directly at me. Alyssa of coarse was all to quick to agree to him tagging along. I however thought it was strange, I still felt that tingling sensation when he was near, so this had to be the man that has been following me around, but why would he show himself now? And what made him think that I wouldn’t call the cops. Walking to the club I pulled my jacket around me tighter, feeling less then adequately clothed in this shirt that Alyssa called a dress.  
    “Are you cold?” a voice whispered in my ear. Jumping I turned around to see him smirking.     
    “No I’m just fine thank you.”  looking over at Alyssa who mouthed the words be nice to me I just rolled my eyes. 
    “Well I think you ladies owe me something.” He admitted. 
    “Oh really?” Alyssa said with her oh no he didn’t look plastered on her face.  
    “I believe I deserve to know the names of the ladies I will be escorting this evening.”  
    “Well I’m Alyssa.” She said looking over to me. 
    “And I’m not telling you my name.” I stated. 
    “well why not?” He asked.  
    “I don’t know, just don’t feel like it I guess.” Laughing he shook off my attitude and told us his name was Rowland. As we entered the club we handed the guy our ID’s walking in with no problem. Taking a seat at the bar we ordered some drinks, ordering two lemon drops and a bloody Mary before Alyssa pulled me off into the bathroom. 
    “Hey Scar what’s the deal? That guy out there is totally into you and your just blowing him off!” 
    “No, don’t even bother, I know your still iffy about dating ever since Alex, but seriously no every guy you fall for is going to wind up dead. Live a little.” kissing my cheek she dragged me out of the bathroom, chugging her drink she smiled devilishly.     
     “Well, I think I’m going to head home for the night, having work in the morning and all, it was nice to meet you Rowland.” Smiling she whispered to me have fun, glaring daggers at her as she left. I looked back over at Rowland sipping my drink. Taking a deep breath as I got the courage to ask him a question.  
    “So how come you have been following me?” 
    “Well not Scarlet if I told you now, that would ruin all the fun of the surprise.” he said taking my hand. 
    “How do you know my name? Where are you taking me?” 
    “I know a lot more then you would think I do, and I’m taking you to dance.” He smiled leading me onto the dance floor. Giving the DJ a look a slow song immediately started playing. Butterfly’s filled my stomach as my hands started to shake. Pulling me close to him I could hear the smile in his voice. 
    “Do I make you nervous?” 
    “No.” I lied.
    “Don’t lie to me petit feu.” he whispered into my ear. 
    “I’m not lying, and what does that mean?” 
    “That means, little fire, and if your not lying why is your heart beating so fast?” He teased. Gulping I looked over his shoulder at the door. Turing me around so he was facing the door he held me tighter. 
    “Now, why would you think about wanting to run away?” he patronized.  
    “I wasn’t.” 
    “Now there you go again, no use lying to me my petit feu.” 
    “What do you want with me?” 
    “How about we take a walk, and a lemon drop to go?” He offered. Nodding my head he handed me my jacket grabbing my drink we walked out the door.  
    We walked in silence for a long time, the only sound that remained was the light walking of our feet and the remaining animals that were out in the fall. 
    “Would you like some answers?” 
    “I’m not walking around the city with you just for kicks you know.” Nodding his head he handed me my drink. 
    “Why don’t you drink that before it gets warm.” Nodding my head I downed the sour drink making a small face as it ran down my throat. “Well Scarlet, I have been watching you, getting to know you from afar you could say to make sure you were the right person.” 
    “Right person for what?” 
    “For me to marry, every hundred years or so, I have to pick a new mate until one is able to conceive a child. No one I have mated has yet been able to bear a child, there for I am still getting a new mate every hundred years, now in the event that one of my mates would be able to have a child I would then turn her, and that in turn would turn the baby.” 
    “Turn them into what exactly.” I said mockingly. This guy was crazy, following some girl around for weeks and then telling her this. He must be off his meds or something. 
    “Into one of us, you humans, have a name for it. But everything you know about them is not true.” 
    “So then what are you.” 
    “A Vampir.” he said seriously. Unable to contain my laughter anymore a smile grew on my face and I started to laugh. 
    “I can assure you Scarlet this is not a joke, I’m here to take you home with me.” 
    “Okay, well first off, what mental institute did you escape from, secondly what makes you think I would come with you.” 
    “I never said you had to come willingly.” his eyes turned stone cold, my heart rate skyrocketed, I ran. Running as fast as I could I turned into the cemetery, running for the mausoleum I hid behind one of the many statues. Putting a hand over my mouth to quiet my breathing as tears ran freely down my face. I new this was a bad idea, I new Alyssa should have never left me alone with him, and now I’m being chased by some crazy guy who wants to kidnap me. Leaning against the wall I noticed my vision was starting to blur. 
    “Scarlet you cant run from me, I can hear your heartbeat.” His voice called from outside the door. Running down the hall my steps became slower and slower. What was happening. My ears started to ring as I fell to the ground. Landing in a pair of strong arms I was lifted from the floor. “I told you that you couldn’t run.” He whispered in my ear before everything went black. 

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