Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending (The Book)

Every hundred years or so Rowland must pick a new mate, a human who he deems worthy of ruling by his side until she meets her untimely demise. In a community where love is just a myth and a mated pair is only paired for the benefit of the race what will he do when his new mate changes everything.
Scarlet knows someone is watching her, she can sense it when he walks into the room. His lingering eyes watch her and as she turns to look he is no longer there. This pattern continues until her mysterious stranger reveals himself bringing her into a world she no longer belongs in.

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


4. Chapter four

Chasing after her I was fuming with anger.
"Alyssa! Get your ass back here now and explain yourself!" I screamed, running until she was backed into a corner I smiled in triumph.
"First what the hell are you doing here? Second how in gods name could you date my ex and not tell me he was well I don't know not fucking dead!" Sighing she looked me in the eye.
"I'm here because I'm Alex's mate, so I had to be, I didn't tell you he was not dead because you wouldn't have believed me and I couldn't prove it because you were not allowed to know.  I would have told you if I had known you would marry his cousin!"
"Did you know Rowland was his cousin when you left me alone with him?"
"Honestly, no, I just thought he was some really hot guy and you needed to move on already." She huffed.
"Are you.."
"A vampir? Oh god now, not yet. I wanted to wait."
"How come?"
"Because I didn't want to leave you behind."
"Well now you don't have to, but it means I have to be married to some creep who drugged me with my own drink, I will never trust another lemon drop again." I stated as we both broke out into a fit of laughter.
"I see my lovely wife has not killed my cousin. How do you know one another?" Asked Rowland as he walked over to my side.
"Your cousin so happens to be my best friend, who is married to my supposed to be dead ex."
"Small world" came a voice from
Behind, turning around I saw it was Alex. Calmly walking up to Alex I plastered my most innocent smile on my face.
"Oh no I know that-" he said as I smacked him across the face.
"Know that look? You should, your the one who pretended to die to break up with me. Way to be a man and just tell me you were going to marry my best friend!" I yelled venom laced in my voice. Turning around I pointed a finger at Alyssa.
"And you, don't think I'm not mad at you. You should have told me, even if you were not allowed to, I would have told you. Your my best friend."
"I know Scar, I'm sorry." She admitted her eyes laced with sadness.
"And you," I said turning to Alex. "I don't think I will ever forgive you, but I will not kill you because you are married to my best friend." I grumbled taking Rowland's hand and storming out of the hallway.
"Well that was a very awkward situation I never thought I would run into."
"Your telling me. I didn't date after that ass whole because I was so upset. That jerk." Chucking he looked me in the eyes.
"You do not care for him anymore do you?" He asked moving a stray price of hair away from My face.
"Do you care for me." He asked leaning closer to me, leaning closer to him he moved as if he was going to kiss me. Stoping a centimeter away from his face I smirked.
"Not in the slightest." I laughed pulling away leaving him in a state of shock. This guy made me marry him, but let's see how well he can stand my little game. After all, I have to get him back somehow. 

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