Let the rose die, it was never red anyway.

Poems, I suppose just stuff I think of at early hours or during a break.
All bunged up into one small book.. A mix of everything! Truly unique♥♥.


2. If god loves all his children...

If god loves all his children,

then why would he disown a child?

Simply because they're different, because they know what makes them smile.

But if god is our creator, and he decides our fate...

why would he get angry, because he made his child gay?


Why would he let them suffer, purely because they love the same sex.

girl and girl, boy and girl, boy and boy.

It's all the same to me.


Jesus didn't die for us to suffer, so why do we make them endure this pain?

What seems to us just a few words, is a couple hundred tears for them.

It's feeling alone, and cold.

Shut off from the world.

What seems to be a few harmless comments,

could destroy someone's whole world.

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