Let the rose die, it was never red anyway.

Poems, I suppose just stuff I think of at early hours or during a break.
All bunged up into one small book.. A mix of everything! Truly unique♥♥.


3. Christmas in heaven.

Does Santa visit heaven?

Tell me does Rudolph guide him that far?

Do they get everything they wish for, like the good boys and girls they are.

Do they smile and sing Christmas carols?

While Jesus tells stories of his past.


If heaven had a number, I'd call you this Christmas....

Just to let you know,

That the greatest present you ever gave me...

Was the strength to go on, even though you are gone.


If Royal Mail had an address for Heaven,

I'd box you up a hug and send it...

For its that I long for, 

A hug from my shining star.

God told me you were too good for this earth,

so he took you before you could breathe Earth's poisoned air.

See some Angels can take it,

but your kind is just to rare.

It would be a shame for someone so special,

to become just another boring person.


See you are not just anyone,

You are an Angel.

My Angel.


Merry Christmas,

I Love You.

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