The Dark Days Ahead

Alex is a confused teenage girl who has moved from place to place, when weird occurrences happen and her school takes a trip to Hogwarts??? I wonder where this will lead. (please tell me what you think it really means a lot.)


2. Discovering


Travis P.O.V

I walked through the door to my house, sat my bag down and went to my room. What just happened? I have always had feelings for Alex I just didn’t know if she felt the same way. Did I go too far by kissing her? After the kiss she ran home. Did she not like it? Should I call her? So many thoughts in my head were jumbled up.

“Travis are you home?” my mom yelled up at me.

“Yea I’m upstairs!” I yelled back

“Can you come down here for a minute?” my mom yelled upstairs.

“Yea!” I said.

“What did u need?” I asked curiously forgetting about my problems for just a split second.


( hey guys this is only a little part of chapter two I have been really busy but ill right more and put it up tomorrow hopefully J )

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