Essential Tips for Surviving Movellas

Alright, here's some information you might need for writing your Movellas :)
It makes me sad when I see all these grammatical and spelling errors, so I'm here to help!!


6. The Oh-So-Important Romance Scene(s)

     Okay, so yeah awkward topic, but I think I need to address it because I've seen so many fan-fictions with the same romance scenes. Now your probably thinking: 'Well there's only so much you can describe when it comes to kissing and such...'

     And you're right. When it comes to these kinds of scenes, you can't really make up or insert any descriptive word. It'll just become and even bigger disaster.  


If you can, please stay away from the following kissing-scene descriptions:

- His/her tongue demanded entrance

This is seriously way too overused and it just doesn't do the trick anymore.

- Our tongues battled for dominance

No, just no. When this first started being used it was exciting and new, but now it just makes me roll my eyes and leave the story.

- My heart skipped a beat

I'll admit that I myself have used this one once or twice, but please if you're going to include it in your romance scene, only use it once. Don't repeat it the next time your characters kiss.

- I crashed my lips to his/hers

Even though romance can be passionate, I don't want to be reminded of car crashes while reading a romantic scene and that's what this verb does. 'Crash' is not a very good choice. You can try pressed, crushed or even touched.


For now, that's all I have for you. Comment below if you've found anymore romantic do's and don't's 


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