Essential Tips for Surviving Movellas

Alright, here's some information you might need for writing your Movellas :)
It makes me sad when I see all these grammatical and spelling errors, so I'm here to help!!


11. Font

     Alright, so here we go again. This time we're going to talk about the appearance of you Movella. No, I don't mean the Cover or the Title. I'm talking about the formatting of your story: in other words the font, the size, italics, bold, etc.


Please don't write sentences like this.

Please don't write sentences like this.

Please don't write sentences like this.


     If your story has more than one line (every so often) of formatting like the sentences above, then know your story is probably difficult for your audience to read. Also, make sure to use a legible font. If your sentences look like this:


This is a very difficult sentence to read.


     You might turn off some readers automatically.

     Okay, so besides the formatting (bold, italics, underlining) the other thing that might give your readers major headaches is the size of your words.


If you write your sentences like this, you're going to scare your readers!


     Remember that when you publish your stories, your readers can adjust the size of the font. If you have people that need bigger/smaller font to read your story then they can change the size themselves. Leave the size of your text at [small], it'll also help you concentrate while you're writing.



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