This Is Me

Lily Luna Potter, the only daughter and youngest child of Harry Potter, gets sorted into Slytherin. What happen, will she stay the perfect Potter Princess or will she change to be The Cunning Slytherin Princess. How will she handle having her brothers turn their backs on her and convince their family she has changed and they leave her to. What will her family say when Scorpius Malfoy becomes her best friend and she wished she was a Malfoy. Worst of all what will happen when she can't take it anymore and runs away. Then her wish comes true.


10. Ch.9 Birthday

My alarm clock went off with a loud RING. I groaned, morning had come to early.

It had been nineteen days since I started school and eighteen since my family started hating me. I had a lot of things to keep my mind on instead of them though.

We had practice everyday from 7pm to 9pm, and it was exhausting. The boys at first didn't like that I was on the team and made me proof I was good enough, and afterward apologized because I was "amazing."

The teachers had given us more and more homework, and classes got harder but I was doing good.

I slowly got out of bed and got in the shower. Then I got dressed in silver skinny jeans and a black Hogwarts shirt, that had the Slytherin crest at the top, with black ballerina flat. I put my hair in a low side pony tail, with a silver headband that had a green snake on it. I grabbed my book bag and walked to the Great Hall for breakfast.

I walked in to see all my friends surrounding Scorpius, he had a cake with candles on the top. When they saw me they all hollered, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY." The entire Great Hall looked at us and so screamed happy birthday and others rolled their eyes (my family).

I walked closer to see that the cake had silver frosting, my favorite color, and had green writing on it in icing that said, "Happy Twelfth Birthday Lily," with a picture of a snake.

"Oh my god, thanks, but how did you know it's my birthday," I asked them.

"You told us the day you made the team, remember," Caden said.  

Oh yeah, I guess I did tell them...

"And I thought that since you and your family aren't on speaking terms that we should do something for you," Scorpius said.    

I couldn't help but smile. I couldn't believe that after knowing me for only 19 days they would do something like this when they have known each other since they were born, it truly made me feel special.

"Thank you guys, I appreciate it ," I said.

I sat down and we all had a piece of cake and talked for awhile when the mal came.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw my parents owl flying towards me.

It dropped off a letter and left like it was nothing. I pick it up and read it.

Dear Lily,

You need to start writing, I haven't got one letter from you the entire time you have been gone and if it weren't for your brothers I would have never known what house you are in.

Do you think we are disappointed in you? Do you think we hate? I don't know what it is just know we, your dad and I, love you very much and just because you are in Slytherin doesn't mean we love you any less.

I hope you have a great birthday by the way. It feels weird not to have you here to throw a party for.

Anyway, I love you. WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!




Dear Lily-Flower,

Why have I not gotten a letter from you? I mean it'd bad enough that I don't see you ever day but no you aren't even writing. Is it because you are in Slytherin???

Lily have I taught you nothing? I thought I told you that I wish I had gotten along with the Slytherins in my time because they aren't bad people.

I don't know what else to really write. So happy birthday and write more please.




After I read those letters I felt like that there was hope and maybe everything will turn out ok.

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