This Is Me

Lily Luna Potter, the only daughter and youngest child of Harry Potter, gets sorted into Slytherin. What happen, will she stay the perfect Potter Princess or will she change to be The Cunning Slytherin Princess. How will she handle having her brothers turn their backs on her and convince their family she has changed and they leave her to. What will her family say when Scorpius Malfoy becomes her best friend and she wished she was a Malfoy. Worst of all what will happen when she can't take it anymore and runs away. Then her wish comes true.


18. Ch.17 Who Are You???!!!???

I can't do it, I thought, I can't go and met my heroes for many reasons. They never liked Slytherins, the reason they are dead is because of a Slytherin. They wouldn't like me, they would think I'm a disgraces just like my brothers and cousins do. I couldn't stand hear the people I looked up to for so long say those things about me.

"Lily? You Ok?" Scorp asked. I looked at him, I could see the concern in his eyes.

I shook my head, "I cant do it."

His eyes changed from concerned to confused, "Why, Lily these people are your family. And unlike my Aunt they did good things. Even I, and that's saying a lot since I grew up with grandfather who is still a strong supporter of Voldemort, know what great things they did and what great people they are."

I looked at me feet, no one knew what I felt. I shock my head again. "I can't," I whispered, "they wont like me."

He had a far away look in his eyes, like he was in deep thought. He blinked then looked back at me. "I get it they were Gryffindors, one of the most popular ones and everyone looks up to them. They're your family and you think they will turn on you like you brothers and cousins did. You are afraid they won't want anything to do with you because of your friends and your house," he paused, "But what I say if you go in there and they turn you down because of all of that, its their lost, because you are an amazing person. And if you go in there you will be my hero because you would have the courage to go something that I don't enough to do."

I looked at him and took a deep breath. Did I have the courage to go in there? It sure doesn't feel like I have any.

I closed my eyes; I thought about when I was younger and every night the only bed time story I wanted to hear was the one of the bravest people  my dad has ever known, the story of the people who gave their lives for my dad so he could live, the ones who died to make sure my generation never had to see the things theirs did. I remember wishing I could I have just an hour to talk to them to get to know them and know I finally had it. Would I let that go?

I opened my eyes and looked up at Scorpius. "Ok, I'll do it but put your hood up ok?"

He nodded and did what I told him to. Since we were both out in the middle of the night when we weren't supposed we had both agreed to wear black and hoped that that would help not being seen.

 He wore black sweatpants with black muggle shoes, that actually were really cute, and a black hoodie. I had on black skinny jeans on with black combat boots, a black sweater, and a black beanie.  

We slowly walked to the down. I was nervous but I pushed that back. "Get your wand out, Scorpius whispered.

I reached into my back pocket and grabbed it. We both mumbled, "Lumos."

I slowly opened the door, my palms sweating. This it, I thought, no going back.

I pushed the door open and we both walked in.

The room was dark and was small. Scorpius and I both barley fit in it. The walls were close together so we both stayed pressed up against the door. On each the three ways had a word at the very top, a portrait or two, and there name under it. On the left was Tonks and Remus Lupin. They were both looking at us, it was clear they had just woken up. On the right wall had Sirius Black, who was glaring at us. Most likely because we interrupted his sleep.

And on the middle was James and Lily Potter. I just stared at them. My grandparents were right in front of me and I had know clue what to do. They were both staring back at me with narrow eyes probably trying to figure out who I was.

It was silent until Sirius decided to beak it. "Who are you two? Its to dark I can't see your faces."

Beside me Scorpius cleared his throat and asked, "Is there a light switch?"

"Yeah right behind you," Remus answered.

Scorpius mumbled, "Thanks." Turning around to turn the light on.

Once it was on I could feel all of there eyes looking over us but I just stared at the ground so they couldn't see me face.

"Well take the hats off and look up," my grandfather said irritated.

Scorpius did first, he puffed out a breath and took the hoodie of and looked at him with an annoyed look.

"A Malfoy? What are you doing here?" Sirius asked bluntly.

Scorp rolled his eyes and pointed to me, "I'm here with her."

"And she is?" my grandmother spoke up.

I let out a took a long breath. It's now or never, I thought.

I pulled of the beanie and looked up. "I'm Lily Luna Potter. Your granddaughter."

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