This Is Me

Lily Luna Potter, the only daughter and youngest child of Harry Potter, gets sorted into Slytherin. What happen, will she stay the perfect Potter Princess or will she change to be The Cunning Slytherin Princess. How will she handle having her brothers turn their backs on her and convince their family she has changed and they leave her to. What will her family say when Scorpius Malfoy becomes her best friend and she wished she was a Malfoy. Worst of all what will happen when she can't take it anymore and runs away. Then her wish comes true.


12. Ch.11 Comfort

I was still sitting on the table in the empty classroom when I heard the door open.

"Lily are you in here," it was my cousin Dominique.

I didn't answer her, she was with my brother when he said those mean things to me. She was probably here to say some more.

"Lily answer me," she said; she was now sitting next to me with her hand on my leg.

When I was little I was always jealous of Dominique, she has long wavy blonde hair, with bright blue eyes. She is prefect and everyone loves her. She is the same age as James and I always thought of her as my sister.

"What do you want," I sobbed.

She didn't answer instead she pulled me into a hug while I cried on her shoulder.

"Sssshhhh. Don't cry, they aren't worth your tears. If you know you didn't do the things they say you did then that's all that matters," she said.

I shock my head, "no it doesn't because everywhere I go people are calling me names or cussing me out for things that didn't do. I am twelve years old and have rumors going around saying I am sleeping with people. And if the news get back to my parents or yours who are they going to believe? Me a Slytherin, their enemy's since they where eleven, or my brothers the Gryffindor saints."

"Lily don't think like that," she said simply.

"But I can't think any other way...because so far that's how everything has been. They believe my brothers because they are carbon copies of my dad and they are Gryffindors, the most perfect house ever. They don't even listen to a word I say because I don't even look like a Weasley, people said I dyed my hair this color, and I put on way to much foundation because I don't have freckles. On top of that I am in Slytherin, a house known to nothing but death eater, where every guy is a man whore and every girl is a slut," I ranted, and the one thing I loved about Dom is she's a good listener.

"Lily I have a question for you. What happened to that little girl I used to know who walked around with confidence no matter what people said about her," she asked me.

I had to think on that question, "That little girl walk around with confidence because she knew that she had a family where they all care about her, and those people who said things about her weren't her family, they where people she didn't know."

"Well let me tell you something, crying in a empty classroom by yourself isn't going to help. Go out there show them you don't care what people say about you. Have fun, confidence and don't let it get to you because that's when they stop doing it because they will notice that you don't care. As for family I will always be there for you, so will Louis, your parents, grandma and grandpa, hell I even heard Fred say that some things James where wrong. Don't let him get to you," she kissed my head and walked out. Leaving me there to think. 

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