This Is Me

Lily Luna Potter, the only daughter and youngest child of Harry Potter, gets sorted into Slytherin. What happen, will she stay the perfect Potter Princess or will she change to be The Cunning Slytherin Princess. How will she handle having her brothers turn their backs on her and convince their family she has changed and they leave her to. What will her family say when Scorpius Malfoy becomes her best friend and she wished she was a Malfoy. Worst of all what will happen when she can't take it anymore and runs away. Then her wish comes true.


15. Ch. 14 The start of Lily Luna

It was a week after our first game when I found myself sitting at a table in the common room with Scorpius, who was starting to annoy the hell out of me. Now I love Scorpius as a brother and best friend but when he sits in front of you and just stares its kinda annoying.

I signed and looked up, he was looking at me with an amused look. "Can I help you with something," I snapped.

He shook his head, "I was just thinking about how you don't have a nickname." He looked at me with narrow eyes and rubbed his chin.

"Why do I need a nickname and don't you already call me little red or red," I asked.

He shook his head again, " That's not a real nickname it's just something to call you other than Lily."

Now I was really confused and a little annoyed, "What's wrong with my name!!!???!!!"

"Nothing really, it's's to...plain. Or for you it's plain," he said carefully.

"Meaning," I snapped.

He chuckled, "meaning that it doesn't fit you its to short. You are up to great things and having your name be plain old Lily just doesn't fit."

I rolled my eyes and waited for him to stop thinking but a the same time I wished he could stay like that forever cause when he was thinking he has the funniest face ever.

Suddenly he jumped up like a light bulb had gone off in his head, "What's you middle name."

 "Luna, why."

"That's it! Your nickname is Lily Luna or Lily Lu or I don't know but Lily Luna just suits you."


And that was that, he spread the word quick and pretty soon everyone was calling me something that was based off of Lily Luna. To be honest it felt different almost better to have people call me Lily Luna and not Lily. Maybe because unlike Lily, Lily Luna had nothing to do with the Potters. Or maybe because after people started calling her Lily Luna teachers didn't compare her to her family.


Hey everyone I know this chapter is short but I have been every busy lately and I wrote this chapter last night at a hotel because my family and I are on our way to Arizona for the holidays. So there is a good chance that it will take awhile till the next chapter but I will try really hard to update soon. But till then bye and I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy new year. :)



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