This Is Me

Lily Luna Potter, the only daughter and youngest child of Harry Potter, gets sorted into Slytherin. What happen, will she stay the perfect Potter Princess or will she change to be The Cunning Slytherin Princess. How will she handle having her brothers turn their backs on her and convince their family she has changed and they leave her to. What will her family say when Scorpius Malfoy becomes her best friend and she wished she was a Malfoy. Worst of all what will happen when she can't take it anymore and runs away. Then her wish comes true.


11. Ch. 10 Daddy

Harry's P.O.V.

Dear Daddy,

Schools great, I made a lot of new friends and classes are easy. So far haven't gotten in trouble, but don't get your hopes up.

Thanks for the necklace love it.




I signed after I read this letter, this wasn't like my daughter, from the time she could talk she told me everything. Now she didn't even write me letters and if she did it would be to sentence long.

She didn't even tell us about her being in Slytherin, we found out from her brothers. They said she had changed and that she is just another snake.

I told them not to call her that and being a Slytherin wasn't bad. But said everyone had been saying bad things about her and when I talked to the others in the Weasley Clan they all said the same thing.

I am worried about her, with everyone picking on her, her brothers and cousins giving up on her, and they fact she is a Potter is probably making her like hell right nw.

I signed again all I wanted was my Little Lilly-Tiger back, the little girl who would tell you everything, who was a joy to be around, and didn't let other people bring her down but it seems that girl is long gone.


Lily's P.O.V

I was walking to the library by myself, I wanted to get away from people just for a while even if that means I have to pretend to study.

I normally don't let people get to me but everywhere I went people, besides they Slytherins, were saying bad things about me.

Like, "I bet her parents are filling out papers to disown her as we speak," or, "I wonder if Harry Potter knows he raise a slut for a daughter," and the list goes on and on forever. But the worse part is the fact it was my brother or cousins who started these rumors and they hurt.

"Hey disappointment where you going," someone said from behind me.

I didn't turn around, I acted like I didn't hear it. But like always I couldn't just walk away because the person grabbed my arm so tight I would have a bruise there.

I turned around to see James and Albus along with some of our cousins, the only one missing was Louis. "I'm talking to you," he said getting in my face.

"Oh, I thought you where talking to yourself considering how disappointed mum was in you after you failed all you exams last year," I retorted back.

"Well at least I don't sleep with a Malfoy," he said smug.

"You know that I haven't slept with him. Your only saying that to make me sound like a slut and to cover up all the shit your doing," I yelled and run away.

I came to an empty classroom and sat on a desk and cried.

What did I do? I honestly don't get it. 

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