Eyes of gold, skin of ice

*For the vampire competition* not my usual writing style so sorry if it is bad.
Maya began to notice strange things occurring with her best friend Ethan. Something about the night affected him. Maya made up her mind to find out Ethans secret.
*3000 word limit so not too long!*


2. chapter 2

Maya found herself knocking at Ethan’s door. He opened it, swishing his jet black hair out of his face. His face grew rather pale when he saw Maya’s face.

“Maya, you have to leave… Now!” He said, but Maya wouldn’t listen.

“No Ethan, you will explain what’s going on!” She exclaimed. A small rustling came from behind Ethan and Maya caught sight of a boy.

“She looks tasty Ethan” He snarled whilst licking his lips.

“No Riley! She is not to be involved in this” Ethan snarled back to the boy. His eyes turned and ugly black. His head tipped back and an evil laugh escaped him

“Too late Ethan” He replied, Ethan turned round to see Maya being placed in the boot of Riley’s old landrover. Riley snarled a final snarl to Ethan, before jumping into the drivers seat. The car pulled out of the driveway. Ethan’s body shivered with determination. He would save Maya, not leave her with them monsters. He took a final look at the house and ran after the car. Memories of him and Maya flashed through his mind, making his determination more driven than ever. He soon caught up with the car and leapt on top of it. A crack echoed round Ethan’s head, afterall this was a very old car. They stopped making Landrovers in 2057 and that was over 50 years ago. Riley didn’t pay any attention to the crack Ethan had caused and carried on driving. He drove until he reached the abandoned warehouse. It was the place all the victims went, why not, nobody ever came here. Riley got out first, followed by the two other boys who dragged Maya out with them. Ethan had to distract them, but how. He glanced down and noticed a small stone down by his feet. He reached down and picked it up.

“What do you think you’re doing!”  A voice snarled from behind Ethan. There stood Harry, one of Riley’s ‘henchmen’.

“Taking back what’s mine” Ethan replied. He dropped the rock and turned round, so he was face to face with Harry. They ran at eachother, both fighting till the death. Harry had forgotten one detail though, although Harry was taller, Ethan was by far stronger. Within minutes Harrys lifeless body lay at peace on the concrete floor. Ethan saw Maya out the corner of his eye, looking at him in pure horror. Riley laughed though.

“He wasn’t  needed anyway” He said whilst chuckling.

“Let her go!” Ethan cried out, his voice so angry that it sent shivers down Maya’s spine.

“Or what?” Riley replied tauntingly. Ethan didn’t say a word, he just pointed at the body of the boy, whose life he just took. Riley laughed again and tossed Maya to the side. She tried to get up and run, but it was no use, the other boy was there. Riley and Ethan ran at eachother, the exact way him and Harry had minute before. Riley was going for death, but Ethan wanted something else. At the last moment he changed his direction, running for Maya. The other boy had a strong grip on her, but Ethan didn’t care, he wanted her safe. He swung his fist and It collided with the boys face at such impact that the boy had no chance of survival. Another boy fell to the ground, at the result of Ethan. He picked up Maya and placed her on his back. He ran off into the woods before Riley could even object. Once they had arrived at Maya’s, Ethan turned away from her.

“Pack your clothes. They will be coming back. Neither Harry or Jake are dead, just in body shock. When they are strong Riley will come after both of us. This time there will be more of them, a lot more” He said, still not looking at Maya. She put her hand on his chin and made him look at her.

“What are they Ethan?” She asked. Ethan let out a small sigh, debating whether to tell her or not. He had too, or else she would be in even more risk.

“Vampires” He said calmly before turning back away

“And I am one too”

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