Eyes of gold, skin of ice

*For the vampire competition* not my usual writing style so sorry if it is bad.
Maya began to notice strange things occurring with her best friend Ethan. Something about the night affected him. Maya made up her mind to find out Ethans secret.
*3000 word limit so not too long!*


1. chapter 1

His eyes shimmered a pure gold as they stared into the midnight sky. There was no expression on his face, yet Maya knew exactly what he was thinking. The moon had an effect on Ethan, an effect Maya couldn't quite understand. Whenever the moon shone down upon Ethan he seemed to fall into some sort of trance, this trance would not break until the morning, when the sun's rays fell onto Ethan, returning him to normal.

"Ethan?" Maya questioned, staring at the what seemed to be lifeless boy. It was as if death had thrown some sort of curse on Ethan, causing him to behave in such a strange manner. Maya knew she wouldn't answer, yet she couldn't help but speak. Something about Ethan made her curious. She never knew enough and always wanted to know more.

"What is wrong Ethan?" She asked. The boy continued staring into the light of the moon, but for the first time since Maya had known Ethan, he spoke to her. Of course Ethan spoke to Maya in the day, but at night he would ignore her, it was as if he was a statue that could not move.

"I am not me at night Maya. I am different. I cannot help but stare at the enchanting moon in all its glory. It is the only way to stop myself. If only you knew the real me Maya. But I am afraid I cannot show you. In all honesty, I am rather afraid of what you may think of me." The young boy said. His eyes did not leave the moon at anytime during this. Maya couldn't help but feel more curious after the boy had spoken. What did he mean 'The real me'? She just had to know. Ethan's secret must come out. She slowly walked over to the boy, who was still fascinated by the moon. She crept in front of him, Maya was slightly taller than Ethan, therefore she blocked his view.

"What are you doing?" He snarled angrily, grabbing her wrist. Maya could not help but shiver at his harsh touch. Never had Ethan seemed this strong, nor his skin ice cold. Ethan slowly let go of Maya's wrist, glancing at the bruising that had already begun to appear. His eyes fixed onto hers and Maya noticed that they had changed back to their normal colour. A deep, powerful, yet highly mesmerising blue. They reminded Maya of the sea. Not the sea you see when you visit a town on the coast. No, Ethan's eyes were the colour of the sea that lied in the middle of the ocean, where nobody could harm it.

"I'm sorry Maya, I must go" Ethan said before running into the distance.

"Wait" Maya called after him, but it was no use. Ethan was gone.

"What are you?" Maya murmured to herself. Her mind full of mazing possibilities for Ethan's strange ways. What did the moon do to him?

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