Living with louis

The four members of one direction niall,liam,zayn,and Harry adopt a little boy. What will happen??


2. Chapter 2

Nialls pov 

we went into the room the lady told us to go to and we saw about 25 different kids running around and screaming but in the back of the room I saw a boy playing with a plastic pigeon in the corner he was so calm unlike everyone else. He looked up and saw me and he smiled at me I waved at him and I walked over to him 

When I was approaching him he started backing away 

niall: hey what's wrong I'm not gonna hurt you. 

He came up to me and jumped in my arms 

niall: see I told you,I won't let anything hurt you. 

Liam:hey niall who's this? 

Niall: I don't know his name. But can we get him please please please?!?!


we walked back to the desk and told the lady from earlier we wanted to adopt him. 

Lady: ok so his name is louis tomlinson he is only 2 years old and he is pretty hyper you'll have a good time for sure. 


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