Best Friends or Lovers?

Bayleigh Watson is best friends with a boy named Liam Payne. Her best friend was the most talented singer she knew. So, she convinced him to try out for the X Factor. Little did she know that this experience would change him for the rest of his life. But in this process would this pull Bayleigh and Liam closer together or farther apart?


1. Just Best Friends... I think.

I walked into school on the first day, ready to start the school year. I walked around the school I knew for two years. I finally wound up next to my locker and put my bag in, and waited for my best friend to show up. I checked my phone to see if he had texted me. He hadn’t. I stood there waiting for a few minutes and then suddenly there were hands in front of my eyes.

“Hey Bayleigh.” The person said.

I reached to grab the hands and turn around, “Hey Liam.” I said to my best friend.

Liam Payne had been my best friend since we were three. Our mums had met when they went to University, and when they got pregnant and the same time it was destined that Liam and I would be best friends.

“You look nice,” Liam told me. I had to pick out the perfect outfit for the first day of school, I mean what girl didn’t do that. I had this on:

“Well thank you,” I said smiling at him.

“We should probably get to class,” Liam stated wile smiling down at me.

“Yeah, we probably should.” I responded.

Luckily for Liam and me, we had almost all of our classes together. I also had all of my classes with my other best friend Raelynn.

We walked into Ms. Douglas’s math classes and Raelynn was already sitting down.

“Hey girl!” Raelynn squealed at me and ran up and hugged me.

“Oh geez.” I almost stumbled over.

“Sorry. Come sit, there are two more seats by me.” Raelynn said to me and Liam.

We walked to where she was sitting, and waited for the teacher.

It felt like hours that we were in that classes. Math was never my strong area.

But when it was finally time to leave, almost everyone jumped out of their seats. The three of us walked out into the hallway. We said our goodbyes to Liam because he didn’t have the next class with us.

As Raelynn and I walked to our next class, Raelynn said the strangest thing to me.

“Are you and Liam ever going to date?”

“Uhhh…. Why?” I asked.

“I mean you guys are so perfect for each other,” She said.

“We’re just best friends,” I told her.

“Well, me and the whole universe can tell that you both want to be more than that.” She stated.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You guys flirt all the time, you know each other better than any person knows either of you, you guys are so cute together…”

“Okay, I got. But, no we are not getting together. We’re just best friends.” I told her.

Just best friends… I think.

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