Best Friends or Lovers?

Bayleigh Watson is best friends with a boy named Liam Payne. Her best friend was the most talented singer she knew. So, she convinced him to try out for the X Factor. Little did she know that this experience would change him for the rest of his life. But in this process would this pull Bayleigh and Liam closer together or farther apart?


5. A Text From Louis

Liam’s POV

On the way home from my audition I held hands with my girl and I couldn’t stop smiling. Bayleigh looked up at me and noticed and she quietly chuckled to herself. Just then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from Louis, the guy I meet at the audition.

Hey, it’s Louis. I am having a party over at mine tonight to celebrate getting on the X-Factor. You should come on by and bring Bayleigh too. Party starts at 8:00.

A party to celebrate sounded great right now. I’d tell Bay about it when we get back to hers. To be honest Louis sounded like a great guy and he had an amazing voice. He is probably going to be big competition on the show.

When we finally pulled up to Bayleigh’s house a half an hour later we got straight out of the car and ran for the door because I wanted to tell Bay’s parents the news. They were like second parents to me. They were the absolute best.

“Mum, Dad! Where are you?” Bayleigh yelled.

“In the kitchen, sweetheart!” I heard her dad yell back.

We ran in there as fast as we could to blurt out the news.

“I got in!” I yelled at Holly and Max, Bayleigh’s parents.

“Congratulations!” The both said and unison and came up and gave me hug. I could hear my parents, Karen and Geoff, walking in and they came up behind us into the kitchen.

Just then Will and Harper walked into the kitchen.

“Are you going to be on the X-Factor?” Harper asked me.

“Yes, I am.” I said back to her.

“Yay!” Harper yelled. I picked her up and spun her around. She giggled and laughed. It was so cute. She is just like my little sister.

“Nice job.” Will came up to me and gave me a “man hug”. He was also like a brother to me.

“Um, I should probably go call Ruth and Nicola and tell them the news.” I told everyone. My two sisters were at University, living together.

Bayleigh came over and took my hand and we went to go upstairs into her room so I could call my sisters.

“Do you mind if I call and tell Raelynn?” She asked me as we were walking up the stairs.

“No, go ahead. I don’t mind.” I said.

When we got to her room I went through my phone and found Ruth’s number and called her.

“Hey Li.” I heard Ruth’s voice on the second ring.

“Hey put the phone on speaker and get Nicola.” I told her.

“Alright, hold on.” I heard some thumping around and I waited.

“Okay we’re both here and on speaker. What’s up?” Ruth finally said.

“So you guys remember today was my audition for X-Factor right?” I asked them.

“Oh yeah! How did it go?” Nicola asked.

“Well you know… I guess I did well because I got in!” I yelled into the phone.

I heard screaming at the other end of the phone. I couldn’t help but laugh. My sisters and I had always been really close ever since we were little. We were always very supportive of each other.

“We are so proud of you baby Li.” They both told me. I was always baby Li to them.

“Thank you. I love you both.” I said to them.

“Well, we have to go Li. We have some stuff to do in the city.” Nicola told me.

“Okay. Have fun.” I chuckled.

“Love you!” They both yelled into the phone.

“I love you too.” I laughed.

I hung up my phone. I have some amazing sisters.


Bayleigh’s POV

I had just gotten off the phone with Raelynn and she had almost the same reaction that I did. We both knew that he was going to get in. It didn’t take very long for the conversation to be over with. When I got off the phone Liam was done talking to his sisters too.

“So I wanted to ask you something.” Liam said to me.

“Okay.” I was suspicious of him.

“Louis texted me and he said he was having a party to celebrate getting into the X-Factor. He asked if we would like to go. Do you want to?” He finally asked.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea. I mean you barely know him and he is your competition.” I said nervously.

“I didn’t think any of that is too big of a deal. I think it’d be fun.” He told me.

“Okay. Why not.” I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

I was still a little nervous about going. I mean, what kind of party was it going to be? We still barely knew Louis. I just didn’t want to be getting into any kind of trouble.

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