Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending

Every hundred years or so Rowland must pick a new mate, a human who he deems worthy of ruling by his side until she meets her untimely demise. In a community where love is just a myth and a mated pair is only paired for the benefit of the race what will he do when his new mate changes everything.
Scarlet knows someone is watching her, she can sense it when he walks into the room. His lingering eyes watch her and as she turns to look he is no longer there. This pattern continues until her mysterious stranger reveals himself bringing her into a world she no longer belongs in.
(This story is for a writing contest so i have to stay within a certain amount of words, however when this story is done i will be continuing it for a book, it will have the same name, same cover and everything, it will just be longer for those of you who are interested.)


3. Chapter three

Wrapped up in his arms as we danced I couldn’t help but wonder what other things I didn’t know. Looking around at all of the other couples, they all had fake smiles plastered on there faces. There never ageing skin was flawless, yet none of them seemed happy. The bond that was created when Rowland marked me was giving me an effortless happy buzz that swarmed all threw my body. I didn’t even want to be here and I was happy. 
    “Rowland, why do none of the couples seem happy?” 
    “Here, with our race, were not paired to be happy. Royals like me are to find a human of our choice to mate with. Some Vampir’s are paired because of social status, merging of families so they cannot have children. Certain people are chosen to mate with a human but none of them get to choose there mate, lower raking Vampirs have one specific family blood line they can choose a mate from. There are only nine human families that the nine vampir families, can mate with. a lot of paired people are not happy because they do not love there mate.” 
    “So no couples love one another?” 
    “Love rarely exists in  this world, the only love that we have here is love of family. Brotherly love, motherly love. Couples do not generally love one another.” 
    Frowning I looked around the room, what’s a world with no love? 
    “Why did you choose me?” 
    “I chose you because you are the only human I have ever felt a pull towards. The only human I have ever cared about in the slightest.” 
    “Is that a good thing?” 
    “A very good thing.” he smiled. 
    “So in time does that mean you could eventually love?” I asked quietly. This now not so mysterious stranger is making me question my own rules of love. Just as he was about to say something I eyes locked with a familiar pair of blue ones, a pair of eyes that I have not seen sense I went to his funeral. 
    “Alex?” I called out, turning around he met my eyes, frozen in place like a dear in headlights he called my name. 


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