Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending

Every hundred years or so Rowland must pick a new mate, a human who he deems worthy of ruling by his side until she meets her untimely demise. In a community where love is just a myth and a mated pair is only paired for the benefit of the race what will he do when his new mate changes everything.
Scarlet knows someone is watching her, she can sense it when he walks into the room. His lingering eyes watch her and as she turns to look he is no longer there. This pattern continues until her mysterious stranger reveals himself bringing her into a world she no longer belongs in.
(This story is for a writing contest so i have to stay within a certain amount of words, however when this story is done i will be continuing it for a book, it will have the same name, same cover and everything, it will just be longer for those of you who are interested.)


4. Authors note

because this is written for a writing contest its not as long as i would like it to be, however i would like to continue to write this into a book and will be doing so. look for Fairytales Don't Always Have A Happy Ending book on my page if you would like to continue on with Rowland and Scarlet's Story.

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