Katelyn Sawn is Bella Sawn's twin sister. They look nothing alike though. When Katelyn moves in with Charlie and Bella after living with her mom for seven years, and her old childhood friend Jacob Black comes to see her, what happens?


3. Where Were You?!

"We're back!" I yell when Jake opens the door.

"Where were you guys?! I was beginning to worry!!" Bella says.

"We were talking," Jake says sitting down at the table and scooping food onto his plate.

"About?" she asks.

"Stuff that we can tell you later," I say getting my own food.

"Why not?" she asks sitting next to me.

"I can't tell you," I say. The leech is still here. He's smiles.

"What?" Jake asks standing up.

"Nothing," the leech says.

"He gets into people's personal space. ALL THE TIME!" Jake whispers in my ear.

"How so?" I ask.

"I can read minds. Although, I can't read Bella's," the leech says answering my question.

'*scoff* Sure! I bet you can!' I think.

"No, I'm telling the truth," the leech says.

"Jacob, we better get going," Billy yells from the living room.

"In a minute dad!" Jake yells back.

All four of us walk out to the living room.

"Charlie, Bella, Edward," Jake says. When he say the leeches name, he gritted his teeth.

"Jacob," Bella says in a warning tone.

Jake rolls his eyes, pulls me into a hug, and whispers in my ear, "You should come down tomorrow. Maybe phase not drive."

"Maybe," I say.

"Please?" he says with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, only because I love you!" I say.

"Yes!" he says. He peck me on the lips.

"See you tomorrow," I say getting released from his bear hug.

"See ya," he says. He carries Billy and the wheel chair back down the steps and pushes him back to the truck, and helps him in the truck.

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