Katelyn Sawn is Bella Sawn's twin sister. They look nothing alike though. When Katelyn moves in with Charlie and Bella after living with her mom for seven years, and her old childhood friend Jacob Black comes to see her, what happens?


4. Late Nights

"Hey dad? Is it okay if I go to LaPush tomorrow?" I ask as I sit down on the couch.

"Sure. You driving or do you need me to take you?" he asks.

I open my mouth to say something, but Bella cuts me off, "I can drive you out there. I need to head out that way tomorrow morning anyways."

"Uh...Okay..?" I say, "I'm headed to bed. Night!"

"Good night!" I hear them both yell. I change into a pair of zebra pajama pants and a black tank. I notice a piece of paper on the floor by my jeans. I pick it up and read it.

Keep the window open. Love, Jake

I roll my eyes and open the window. I climb in my bed and unlock my phone. I text Jake.

Got your message(: The window's open.

Good! Be there in a bit. Have to wait til dad's asleep.

You better! I have to wait til Charlie AND Bella are asleep.

True, I'll give it like half an hour.


Do you love your room?

I thought I already told you that I did!

Look up at the fan...

I look up, and there are glow in the dark paint stripes. When the fan moves, it looks like waves moving.

Jake! I love it! It looks so cool! What gave you that idea?

Glad you like it. Bella mentioned it to me once, and showed me a picture. I figured you would like it, since I was already in the middle of redoing your room.

Well I'm glad she showed you.

I'm glad she mentioned you coming home!

I'm glad Renee sent me home.

What do you mean by sent?

She didn't like how I got in fights at school. And after I phased, she thought I was on steroids. So she sent me back here to Charlie and Bella.


Yeah, but I'm glad she did, she never really wanted me to see Charlie. And after Bella left, she had a hard time with it. She finally found Phil, and they are moving to Florida next week.

She had a hard time after Bells left?

Yeah! It was horrible! She would never let me go out! She always wanted me home! I couldn't even have friends!

That sucks!

Just a little bit!

It's been at least half an hour, I'm probably going to head out.

You phasing or driving?

Phasing. It's quieter.

True, see ya in a bit. (:

(: see ya

I drop my phone next to me on my bed and roll over toward my window and watch.

I hear a rustling outside. I look out and I see a big russet colored wolf outside my window.

"I'm guessing you're Jake," I say. He nods and walks into the woods. A few seconds later, Jake comes into view.

"Back up," he says, and I listen. I back away from the window. He takes a running start, and jumps up into the tree outside, and swings himself inside.

"Hey," he says in a very sexy, very raspy voice.

"Hey," I say pulling the covers back for him to get in. He does. I curl up into his chest.

"You and cuddling have always been a great couple!" he says jokingly.

"Shush! I like cuddling okay?" I say slapping his bare chest.

"It's fine, I know you do. Especially when you are watching a scary movie!" he says.

"Shut up and go to sleep Black!" I say closing my eyes.

"Goodnight, love you Swan," he says resting his head on mine.

"Love you too Black," I reply before sleep takes over my body.

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