Katelyn Sawn is Bella Sawn's twin sister. They look nothing alike though. When Katelyn moves in with Charlie and Bella after living with her mom for seven years, and her old childhood friend Jacob Black comes to see her, what happens?


1. Home For Good

"We're here kiddo," my dad, Charlie, says to me when he pulls into the driveway of our house. I pull my ear phones out, and wrap them up and stick them into my pocket. I open the door to his cop car, and I am attacked with a hug.

"Kai!! I missed you!" my twin sister says. I wrap my arms around her once I regain my balance.

"I missed you too Bella," I say.

She takes a step back, and says, "Guess who is coming over to see you."

"I don't know, I haven't been home for seven years, and now that I'm here, I've only been here for five minutes!" I say.

"Right. You remember Jacob Black right?" she asks.

"Jake? Of course I remember him!" I say.

"Well, he and Billy are coming over for dinner and to see you!" she says excitedly.

"Billy's coming too? I haven't seen him in forever!" I say throwing my head back in anguish. Bella chuckles. I hear the familiar rumbling of Jakes truck, and smile.

"They're here!" Bella says as she jumps up and down.

"Calm down, it's just Jake and Billy," I say grabbing her shoulders to stop her from jumping again. The truck engine cuts off, and I whip my head around, and I see a guy getting out of the drivers side of the truck. He jogs around the back to help Billy out.

Once Billy is in his wheelchair, he looks up, and I see a familiar smile. The one that belongs to my best friend since birth, Jacob Black.

"Jake!" I say running down the driveway. I jump into his open arms and wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my back. He spins me around. I laugh.

"I missed you Kai!!" he says when he puts me down.

"I missed you too Jake!" I say, "I know it's been seven years, but what happened?"

"What do you mean?" he says with a questioning look as he throws an arm around my shoulders.

"To you? Finally grew huh?" I say poking his stomach.

"Just a little," he says. He takes his arm from around my shoulder, and starts pushing Billly's wheelchair up to the house. He carries Billy and the wheelchair up the steps and onto the porch.

"Since when can you carry more than a sack of flour?" I say playfully punching his arm, "I never said hi to you Billy!"

"That's alright, how are you Kailee?" Billy says.

I lean down and hug him, and say, "I'm great, how have you been since I left?"

"With Jake here helping me out, I've been doing pretty well actually," Billy says as Jake pushes him through the doorway. I follow.

"The big game's on Billy!" Charlie says excitedly. Billy smiles and wheels himself into the living room to watch the game. Guessing by how excited Charlie was, it's football that they're watching.

"I'm going to go make dinner," Bella says heading into the kitchen.

"Want help unpacking?" Jake asks once Bella is gone.

"Sure," I say. He smiles one of his cheesy smiles, and he quickly throws me over his shoulder. His arm is around my thighs so I don't fall.

"Jake!!!" I yell at him. He dashes up the stairs and into my old room.

He tosses me on the bed once he opens the door.

I look around, and see swirls of browns and greens on the walls, that looks a little bit like the forest. A big gray wolf sticker is on my main wall. My ceiling is even blue like the sky! My bed in the corner is bigger than I remember. Last time I was here, I had a twin bed, now I have at least a queen!

"Like it?" Jake asks smiling.

"Do I like it?" I say, "I LOVE IT!!!!" I jump up and bear hug him. I wrap my legs around his torso. I nuzzle my face in the crook of his neck.

"I thought you would," he says kissing the top of my head. I jump down.

"You did this?" I say taking a few steps around my room.

"Ya, when you told me you were coming back, I had to make an upgrade for you from the pink princesses and sparkles, to something I knew you would love!" he says proudly.

"Well, Mr. Black, you were right. I do love this!" I say trailing my fingers up his torso.

I don't know what happened. I used to never have this sort if relationship with Jake. It might because I was gone for seven years.

Oh god... I think I just fell for my best friend...

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