My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.


7. Why do you hate me?

Alison's P.O.V:

I woke up hearing laughter and talking. I walk into the kitchen only to see Matt, Harvey and those boys sitting together at the table. "What do we have to eat?" I ask looking around the cabinets to see if we have cereals. "Yes, love. We made bacon and eggs. Here's a plate." Liam said handing me a plate. "Thanks. And don't call me 'love' again." I take the plate and put 2 eggs and 5 pieces of bacon on my plate. I sit on the last free chair at the table which was next to Liam and started to eat my breakfast. "Hey Liam thanks for taking care of Matt and Harvey." He looked at me and smiled and said "It was no problem." 
" Matt, next time you and Harvey get drunk be sure that you have no car to drive with you and  always have someone there to carry you home." I told Matt and Harvey. They look at me and nodded. "But remember that you are idiots." I get up and go to wash my plate. "Guys I told curly boy here last night that I'm willing to make this work. So what do you say that we all together do something? I'm not saying that I'm gonna become best friend with you idiots but I'm gonna try and be nicer. Oh, and sorry about saying those stuff yesterday."
"Well I think it would be a great idea. We could go to the carnival that is in town now." the blonde boy said. "First of all I want to get to know who is who. I know your names but I don't know which one is who." I said to them. 
"I'm Niall" the blonde boy said. "I'm Louis" the one with the black and white striped t-shirt said. "Zayn is not here. We are having some problems and he decided to leave so now it is just the 4 of us" Liam told me. "Well as I know the two of you" I said pointing to Liam and Harry "I think we are good to go to the carnival now. But first I have to go and change." I said while walking in my room. 
What should I wear today? I rummage through my suitcase to find some skinny jeans. Yay!! I found them, my favorite black skinny jeans. I take a t-shirt that had the logo of Nirvana on it and started to change myself. I put on a matching bra and panties and then put on the rest of my clothes. I didn't brush my hair because I like it when it is messy and I didn't put make up because it's my lazy day. I walk out of the room and into the kitchen to see that the only person there was the curly boy. I walk to the fridge and take out a bottle of water. I close the fridge door and when I turn around the curly boy was standing right in front of me. "Uhh excuse me!! My personal space." He takes a step forword and now I'm with my back pressed against the fridge. "Why do you hate just me? I mean with the other guys you talk more friendly and with me you always talk with hate in your voice." He said looking me straight in the eyes. I have to admit that his eyes are an amazing green colour. But he's still an ass. "Well that is hate in my voice. I am really surprised to see that your little brain could realize that. Now can you let me go before I punch you." He had something in his eyes, something that I couldn't tell what it was. H e moved out of my way and I walk into the living room, waiting for the boys to come.

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