My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.


2. The Mystery

Alison P.O.V:

"Thank you New York"I said into the microphone.I looked at Matt and Harvey who made they way backstage.I gave to the crowd one last smile and walked to the boys who were waiting for me.

"Did you guys enjoy the show?"i asked taking a bottle of water from the fridge that's in our dressing room."I definitely did"Harvey replay while jumping on Matt's lap."Get off me man"Matt said to Harvey as he pushed him off."Soooo....what's our next stop,Al?"Harvey asked looking at me with a questioning face.I open my mouth to say but Matt cut me off before I could answer."We are going to the VMA.We have to perform  there"he answer really quickly.He looked at his phone and smile.Why was he so happy all of a sudden? I think it was about his girlfriend.Him and Harvey always talk about their 'girls' how they call them.The girls are really nice and I can't way till they join us on tour.I seriously need some girls time because I stay to much with these boys.I don't say that I don't like them is just that i spend to much time with them and it's getting annoying .I shake that thoughts and looked at the boys who now were texting someone one Matt's phone."Who are you texting?" I asked as i making my way to sit next to them on the couch."Nobody"Matt and Harvey say in the same time.They were planing something but I don't know what and I have to find what."Ok then I'm going in the tour bus."i sigh and stood up.I walked out the door and pretend that I closed it.I heard Matt say "She's going to freak out" he was laughing so hard that i think  the entire building could hear him."Yeah.Well i think we should go into the tour bus to see what she's up to.When i heard that i run to the bus and jump in my bunk pretend that i was asleep.I felt that someone was watching me and i knew it was Matt or Harvey or both of them."She's asleep.Ok then I think I'm going to be too."Matt said."Nigh' man"Harvey told him as i open my eyes and started to play on my phone.I have to find out what they were talking about in the dressing room i don't want to wait until they tell me.But until then it's going to be a mystery.


A/N: I hope you like this chapter and this book.If you have some ideas i would definitely like to hear them.

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