My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.



Alison's P.O.V:

"Wake up monkey"someone said shaking me.I think it was Matt but I didn't bother opening my eyes to see who it was.I turn and now my back was facing him."Ok if you want the hard way then be it."Finally he's going to let me sleep.I'm too lazy to wake up plus it's Sunday but we have to per...Something cold hit my skin.I shot straight up and open my eyes to see 2 dickheads laughing their ass off."I'm going to kill you both."their smile fade and look at each other and then at me."You better run"with that they run as fast as they could to the door of the bus but unfortunately Harvey wasn't fast enough.I catch him and jumped on his back but he fell down on the ground."OW!"he yelled.I chuckle getting off of him so that he could stand up." you have something to say?"I ask him laying down on a chair."I have to go and make breakfast for the cutest monkey in the world.So I better go"he smile at me making his way into the kitchen."Ok then I'm going to change."I heard him yell after Matt to come back into the bus.Well now i have to find something to wear for the day.What should I wear?? I think today we're going  to have a sound check for our performance tonight at the VMAs so I think I should dress casual.Let's find that outfit!!Where it's my luggage??There it is beside my bunk i wonder how I didn't trip this morning when I woke up.I open my luggage and started to throw cloths to find my favorite t-shirt with Starbucks Coffee.Were it is??AHA I found it.Seriously i put it at the end of the bag.Wathever. Now the rest of the outfit.Let's see:some grey trouser,a grey beanie,my black KEDS sneakers,my friendship bracelet that Matt got us to symbolize our friendship and the start of a new journey in our life and of course the last touch to the outfit is my iphone case that say 'YOLO UNLESS YOU'RE A ZOMBIE'(if you want to see the outfit here is the link ).

I took the clothes and run to the bathroom to change.

5 minutes later.......

Ok I'm done.I took one last look in the mirror before getting out of the bathroom.I walked into the kitchen to find Harvey doing bacon,eggs,pancakes and Matt that was playing on his phone.It's like the phone is glued to his hand because almost every time i see him he's with the phone in his hand and it's quite scary.Maybe he's talking to a girl and he don't want to tell me about."Al do you want syrup on your pancakes?" "UHH! What?"i was looking at them to get the answer."I asked you if you want syrup on your pancakes?"Harvey said slowly every word for me to understand the question this time."Yeah"he put some syrup on my pancakes and handle me the plate that was full with bacon,eggs and pancakes."Thanks"i said to him with my mouth full of food he gave me a funny look and i continued to eat my breakfast."Hey guys i'm going to meet some friends.I'll be back in 15 minutes.Bye"He came over to me and kiss the top of my head and walked out the door."I'm going to the bathroom."Harvey said making his way to the door to get to the bathroom.Now i can eat my bacon in peace but i don't know why I have a strange feeling that these boys are doing something that i'm not going to like and i can't say that i dislike many things.I dislike some stupid boy band that it's called I think Wrong Direction i'm not sure.They are so stupid and they think that they are the coolest but they are NOT.Well it's not my business.

Matt's P.O.V:

Ok so today is going to be an interesting day because we(me and Harvey) have something to tell Alison but for her is going to be a surprise or a shock. I can’t wait to see her face when she’s going to find out.Now I’m going to meet with the surprise and talk to them so I have to hurry if I want to be back for the sound check.I put my glasses over my eyes and walked into the coffee shop and show who I was looking for.I made my way to their table and sit in a chair that I think was put there for me.”Hi guys.”they looked at me and smiled “Hello” they say in unison.”Did you tell your band mate about the tour?”one of them ask.”No but I’m to tell her before we perform today”I told them.”Ok so we meet after the VMAs” “Yeah see you there guys”I said to them and shake each ones hand before walking out of the coffee shop.

Alison’s P.O.V:

I finished my breakfast put the plate into the sink.I walked into the living room and saw that Harvey was there sitting on the couch watching TV.I sit next to him and look at him until he looked back at me.”Why are you staring at me it’s freaking me out” “Oh I was just looking at my favorite band mate”I said batting my eyelashes at him.”What do you want?”he asked annoyed.”I want to know what you and Matt are up too”he chuckle and glance at me “Nothing” “OHH I know you two are planning something and I think it’s bad so if you don’t want to tell me then I’m going to find out” “Good luck with that”I sat up from the couch and took one last glance at him and he just shook his head and I know that he wanted to laugh.

I walked to my bunk and took my phone out to see if I have any messages or calls.But no I didn’t have any calls or any messages

"Guys i'm back"I heard Matt shout.I jump and run to the living room and saw that Matt was now talking to Harvey."Hey Matt.I think we should go to the sound check"I told him crossing my arms."Ohh yeah we should go.C'mon"he said sitting up and made his way out of the bus.

We walked into the building and made our way on the stage."Ok let's do it"i yell into the microphone.

25 minutes later...

We finished our sound check and now we have to go and get dressed.WHY??????

Here we go again in the bus and to a new hotel.I don't want to complain about my life I love it but we are travelling a lot and I don't see my family that often but I have my fans so i'm going to survive.

Sometimes i wish i had a normal life but soon enough i realise that this is the life that I always dreamed of."Al we're here"Matt snap me out of my thoughts by yelling at me."Yeah i'm coming"I yelled back to him and made my way out of the bus and into the lobby of the hotel.I walk to the elevator where the boys were.A 'DING' sound came from the elevator and that when I new that we have to get on the board.Haha."Bye guys see you late"i told Matt and Harvey as i walked into my room.We all have out own room because if we stay together then the hotel room will be trashed and plus i'm a girl so sometimes i need my space.I walk to the bed and see that I have a black dress,black heels,a gold bracelet and a bag(here's the link for the outfit if you want to see it )  on the bed with a note:

'This is your outfit for tonight.I hope you like it and I decided that you guys are going to match this evening.Good luck.

P.S:I think that you are going to look stunning in that dress.    

                                               With Love Jo"

I smiled at the note and started to get dressed.Jo was our designer and she always knows how to dress us.She knows our style and I LOVE HER.She's like an older sister to me and she helps me a lot.

I put the bracelet on and suddenly i hear a knock on the door.I made my way to the door and open there to see Matt and Harvey dressed and say that we don't have anything that matched."Hey you monkey we have something for you."Harvey said and Matt took out a box and opening it i see it is a golden ring."It's beautiful"I hug them and look again at the ring."We though that we should match and we though again and said that we should get kin of matching rings.So this is yours"Matt said and i hugged him again."Thanks guys but do you have the same ring as mine?"i asked looking at them "Yeah short of.It's still golden so they match.Let's go." "Yeah let me just put on lipstick"i took the ring and put it on one of my finger and walked to my bedside table and put on my lipstick."Ok i' m ready"i said to them as i closed the door behind me.




Author note:Sorry for any mistake :)








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