My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.


5. It's on

"Are you guys serious?"I just can't believe that i'm going to have to go on tour with this stupid pricks."Yes, we are.Isn't that awesome?"Harvey was jumping, smiling like a foll and I just looked at him with a 'are-you-kidding-me' face."You know we are not that bad to be around"A curly hair said and I just look at him with pure dislike written on my face."And I think that you should keep your mouth shut." I can't stand them since the first time I heard their music I had a really strong dislike on them."Alison you don't have to be so rude to the poor guy.He did nothing to you."Matt interrupt my thoughts."You want me to not be rude to them then you have to say to management that we don't want to go on tour with them.It's easy."I clapped my hands looking from Matt to Harvey."We are not going to do that.They are really nice lads if you new them but I think you're too busy being a stubborn brat"I could see anger all over his face and let me tell you he doesn't get angry easily.Maybe I went too far with the management thing but he didn't need to get angry and call me a stubborn brat."The stubborn brat is going to leave now.I don't want to take the oxygen from the beauty queens.Adios."I took my phone and my jacket and walked out the door."I'm sorry for her behavior she's sometimes a drama queen and thinks that she's right in everything she says"Matt said to those pricks but I don't think he knew that I was right next to the door.Well I've heard worse but Matt's words hurt me.


I left an hour ago from the VMAs and I got hundreds texts from Matt and Harvey wondering where I was.I didn't text them back because I need some time to think.Right now I'm in a park doing nothing just sitting on a bench.The usual.

Well I don't know what to do because if I go at the hotel the boys may be there but in the same time they could be at the after party.UGH, I'm going to text Harvey to see where they are.

*Hey, Harvey where are you guys?*

I have to see where they are because if I don't I'm probably going to sleep in a dumpster.Oh,well. Suddenly my phone vibrates in my lap and I look at the callers name.Harvey.I answer it.

"Al, where the fuck are you?"he screams into the phone.

"That doesn't matter.I just wanted to ask where the 2 of you are?"I said looking around the park.

 "...We are at the party.Why are you asking?"

"No I was just wondering.Bye"

"Wait.."I hang up before he could finish.I don't care what he's about to say.

Walking towards thew hotel I just realize that I didn't have to be so rude to those dudes.I mean yeah I don't like them or their music that much but I could give them a chance.

I don't even realize that I'm in front of the hotel.As I enter my room I just lay down on the bed and I'm fast asleep.

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