My luck

Hello my name is Alison Moon and I'm in a world wide known band 'The Lions' with my 2 band mates and best friends in the same time Matt Dealson and Harvey Peterson.We became famous 3 years ago in 2010.We were singing in a pub when the Simon Cowell in person told us that he wanted to make us famous.And with that it all started.


6. I'll try

Alison's P.O.V:

I open my eyes slowly to see that the room was dark. Why isn't it morning yet? 

"Ugh..!! Is it still night?" I asked myself. I grab my phone that was on the bed next to me and saw that I have 5 missed calls from Harvey and 10 missed calls from an unknown number and it is only 3 AM. First I'm gonna call Harvey and as far as for the unknown number goes I'm not gonna call it back. Probably it is just a fan that got a hold of my phone number.

I pressed on Harvey's number and it started to dial.

"HELLO ALI!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" he screams in my ear and from the way he talks I can most definitely assume that he's fucking drunk. "Hey buddy, where are you now?" I tried to stay calm because I know that when Harvey is drunk he does stupid things. He's the stupid-I'm gonna crash into a tree type of drunk, I hope that Matt is not drunk because if he is I'm not gonna carry their drunk asses back to the hotel. "I'm with the guyzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh my god. If he does something stupid I'm gonna kill him before he gets the chance to kill himself. "What guys?" I hope that some of the 'guys' are sober. "Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Matt.WE'RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!! Ali you should come join us. We are at the Royal hotel. BYE!!" And with that he hung up on me. A good thing is that we stay in the same hotel.

Why in the world would he go with those boys to their room and not come back to theirs. It's stupid. And now I have to go and drag them here.

I walk out of my room and into the elevator so that I can go to the lobby and ask for the room of one stupidity. "Hello, could you give me the number of the room of One Direction please?" I asked the lady at the front desk. "How do I know that you are not an obsessed fan?" the lady at the front desk asks. "Well first off: I live in the hotel and if you want I can wake my manager up and tell you that I'm in the band that stays at your hotel. So now be a lady and give me the number will you!?" She looked at me and her eyes widen and she typed fast into her computer for the room number. "They are in room 405, floor 7" She said. "Thank you" I told her while making my way to the elevator again so I can go to floor 7 which is the floor above us. 

I finally got to room 405 and slowly but loudly knocked on the door. Soon the boy with curls opens the door for me. "Hey curly boy. Where are my boys?" I asked as I walk in their room. "My name is Harry and the boys are in a room sleeping. We put them in bed after both of them passed out ." I can't believe them. Both Matt and Harvey got drunk. Ohh they will face hell in the morning. "Who is 'we'?" I put quotes around we because I think they are idiots. " 'We' as you say it is me and Liam" he made the quote think himself trying to mimic me. "On that note I want to say thank you for taking care of them and I suppose that I should say that I still think that you are assholes but I'm gonna try and be nicer to you guys and do the tour." I said to him keeping eye contact with him the whole time. As soon as I said that he got a smirk on his face and said "Well we most definitely​ accept your way of apologize." 

"Don't get your hopes up, curly boy. Well then I guess I should go." I told him opening the door to the room. "Wait" I heard Harry say and I turned around. " Why do you hate us so much?" his eyes were open wide and I say his smirk fading. "It's hard to explain." I said and walked out of the room. I heard Harry sighing in the hallway and then a door closing. Why does that boy want to know everything?


Author note: I decided to get back and continue this story because I had some amazing ideas and I think that you guys will like them. Give a like or whatever if you enjoy it.


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