more than this? (Sequel)

Sequel to 'I love you but I still gotta go' Louis view of the story


8. to the hospital

''What was that about Lou?'' Lottie stood at the door watching me. ''What?'' I said ducking my head down and taking out some food. ''All this talk about (Y/N)'' she asked. ''Nothing'' I say again she could always see through my lies and I picked up another plate and left out more food. ''You love her don't you?'' Lottie said smiling and coming over to me. I handed her a plate and said sharply ''Your a kid you wouldn't understand'' and pushed her out the door.

Lottie was drying the dishes and I was washing and I asked ''What's wrong kiddo?'' putting suds on her chin. She rubbed it off and gave me a fierce look and said ''You treat me like I'm the same age as Daisy and Phoebe no actually you treat them as grown ups compared to me'' ''Darling I just don't want to see you get hurt and if you grow up I cant protect you'' I say looking at her sideways. ''But I cant be your baby sister forever'' she said ''I know'' I replied. She put away the last cup and we walked out together and I went into the room and saw Zayn with his spray paints. ''Z not yet'' I said just as he picked a tin up. ''Sorry Cap'in'' he said with a salute. ''At ease solider'' I said winking at him.

After no time at all it was 7.30 and I pushed everyone out the door and said I would finish up myself. I slipped in earplugs and put the iPod up full volume hearing nothing and continued painting. After a bit I went to get a drink of water. Pulled out the earplugs and heard someone banging on the door I went and opened it up. ''ABOUT TIME'' Harry roared in my face and pushed the door open I could feel a bit of blood trickle down my face but I saw (Y/N) was in pain so  led her over to the couch. I rang Mum and told her. ''Ok I'll be over in a few DON'T LET HER TAKE ANY SORT OF PILLS OK?'' she said and hung up. I went out and rubbed a damp cloth over her head. She caught my chin in her hand and said ''Clean up that cut babe''. I got up and put some strips on it. She called me BABE I was so happy but she was in pain so I had to be there for her and Harry. Mum was just at the door when I was coming in she told me and Harry to f*ck off so we went into their room. Harry was pacing in front of the door. ''Haz it's ok please sit down'' I begged he was making me worried. He sat and I gave him a hug. ''Louis?'' he said in the crook of my neck. ''Yes pumpkin?'' I said I hadn't called him that in ages but I felt he needed to be comforted so I thought that would help some little bit. ''Why aren't we close anymore?'' he asked I could tell he was getting teary. I rubbed his curls ''I don't know Haz I don't know.'' He started to shake and I hugged him tighter then I pulled away and wiped his tears. ''Chin up pumpkin'' I said and he smiled then Mum called us and said pack (Y/N) a bag. So I went in and got her pjs clothes toothbrush and stuff. Harry got her underwear bra comforters and that. We shoved it in a bag and headed for the hospital.

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